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Roadside Station Shonai mikawa butsusankan my Dell

"My Dell" is meaning of "we are waiting" at Shonai valve. Road information.


Spring Kura temple

There is five-ring tower in graveyard of old historic temple spring Kura temple. In the south side of the main hall of a Buddhist temple monument of Muto.



Sakyamuni Buddha, outside 2 Buddha. In the precincts Kannon hallowed ground principal idol, guardian deity of children hallowed ground principal idol.


Mikawa-machi Cultural Exchange Building "hall of a advantageous teacher"

It is modern Japanese-style building completed in 1928 (Showa 3). Design is the Imperial Family.


Atago Shrine

There are many votive tablets dedicated in the Edo era, and * is in Atago Shrine in horses dedicated to the shrine in particular; ..



[culture building rape hall] Multipurpose hall training, ibe of the Shonai's greatest scale.


Old story

You can enjoy old story in Shonai valve, Mikawa dialect. In local dialect.


Nanohana Onsen rice paddies here and there

"Water-clear hot brine spring" and "strong hot brine spring of fuzz dark brown." Different na .. of spring quality


See direct marketing; river

Mikawa-machi collects local special products widely from the start from Shonai, the prefecture, direct marketing others.

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