Trip to Yamagata| Sightseeing of Sagae-shi

Michi-no-Eki Roadside Rest Area Sagae Cherry Land

●Sankurambo hall It is added to Roadside Station, cherry land Sagae.


Jionji, Motoyama

Picturesque scenery of the ground this according to temple biography the Nara era, the Buddhist priest line basis of tours of the country tin to Saint Wu-di.


Furusawa brewing museum

The Furusawas who was safflower merchant by old liquor brewing. Way of traditional sake brewing.


Hill [Sagae Park] of cherry tree

Yoshino cherry tree, Hongshan cherry tree, double cherry blossom, Sakura Oshima is approximately 700. Fine-view wide ..


Turkish hall [Roadside Station Sagae]

Republic of Turkey race document (the May, 1992 opening) Of Ottoman Empire Era.


Two dam Shinsui Koen

It is got close to citizen as waterside that is next to city area. Spring is play.


Long sense temple (the Nagaoka Kannon) 

Long sense temple is in Sagae Castle ruins outermost outworks place, is Sagae first generation lord of a castle Oe parent for Kamakura period.


Sagae Hachiman shrine

Enshrined deity worshiped the Emperor Ojin and was prayer place of kokukachimmamori than the Edo era. Every ..


[prefecture designation tangible cultural property] Former Nishimurayama-gun government office / former Nishimurayama County Council assembly hall…Sagae-shi native district hall

County government office where it was built ahead of the whole country when the township formation method was promulgated in 1878.


Agricultural land direct marketing center [JA Sagae Nishimurayama]

A in Che leak a park which is next to Yamagata Expressway Sagae SA.


[prefecture designated cultural assets] The Jionji, Motoyama main gate of a Buddhist temple

As jinoson protecting Buddhist monastery by the making of tower gate is enshrined, we say Deva gate.


Old Mogami bridge

Is built a bridge in 1940, beautiful figure as symbol of Oe-machi on the surface of the water.

[Sagae-shi, Oe-machi]

Mogami River oldness and multi-purpose park

Mogami River oldness and multi-purpose park do position to the south of approximately central Sagae-shi of Yamagata Prefecture.


Hayama [Sagae-shi]

Is known as hallowed ground of mountaineering asceticism from the Nara era, primeval forest and alpine plant of beech are groups.


Sagae miniature shrine Hall

From information before JR Sagae Station as symbol of "we wait Sagae of miniature shrine."


Kumano River Valley

Along Route 458, remaining snow and wild cherry tree, summer of Hayama Range are forest road walks of dark green in spring.


Cherry tree which plants seeds

Edo-higan Cherry blossoms of the 700 rest of life years old. Be appointed to prefecture designation natural monument.


[prefecture designated cultural assets] Jionji, Motoyama Mie tower

Former triple tower is erected in 1608 by Yamagata lord of a castle, dehaneshugengikoko. .


guriba Sagae

Mogami River that "guriba Sagae" (Mogami River Sagae green tract of land) flows through the southern part of city.


Sankurambo hall [Roadside Station Sagae cherry land]

Facility which is added to Roadside Station, Sagae (cherry land). Two kinds.

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