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[prefecture designation tangible cultural property] Former Nishimurayama-gun government office / former Nishimurayama County Council assembly hall…Sagae-shi native district hall

County where it was built ahead of the whole country when the township formation method was promulgated in 1878.


Michi-no-Eki Roadside Rest Area Sagae Cherry Land

Of village Sagae of Sankurambo A lot of highlight such as product and meal, various facilities.


Hayama citizen-so

Mountain "Hayama" of faith that is old, and is one of the Dewa San-zan, and is still full of nature. .


Sankurambo hall [Roadside Station Sagae cherry land]

Facility which is added to Roadside Station, Sagae (cherry land). 2..


Azalea garden [Sagae Park]

The long Okayama whole area of the azalea garden city area center of the Tohoku's greatest scale is Sagae Park.


Hirashio Kumano Shrine

Enshrined deity 4 God of i**sommei, comb mind field life, life of sokugyokudan, life of jikaidan.


Dewa famous temple with a venerable history three temple gives up

As three old historic temples more than founding 1,100 years that Yamagata is proud of, temple of evil destiny limit.

[Yamagata-shi, Sagae-shi, Tendo-shi]

Jionji, Motoyama

According to famous temple with a venerable history temple biography of history of nation trace designation, it is Nara era, Buddhist priest line basis gako .. of tours of the country tin


Mogami River oldness and multi-purpose park

Mogami River oldness and multi-purpose park are located to the south of approximately central Sagae-shi of Yamagata Prefecture.


Furusawa brewing museum

It is safflower by liquor brewing that the opening is old using brewing until last years of the Showa era as museum.


Sagae Hachiman shrine

We are worshiped as total local deity of Sagae-so. Divided divine spirit of Tsurugaoka, Kamakura Hachiman shrine.


Hill [Sagae Park] of cherry tree

Perfect cherry tree location Yoshino cherry tree, Hongshan cherry tree, .. which is used for shooting


Turkish hall [Roadside Station Sagae]

The ground of the point of contact with the West and the Orient Let's enjoy Turkism! Kyowa, Turkey.


Experience-based making soba [Sagae]

By instruction of side studio, turn Wed, and knead, and stretch out, to limit 3.


Agricultural land direct marketing center [JA Sagae Nishimurayama]

The neighbor contacts with top-class direct marketing facility Yamagata Expressway Sagae SA in Yamagata Prefecture.


Hayama [Sagae-shi]

Is known as hallowed ground of mountaineering asceticism from the Nara era, primeval forest and alpine plant of beech.


guriba Sagae

"guriba Sagae" (Mogami River Sagae green tract of land) flows through the southern part of city; most.


Long sense temple (the Nagaoka Kannon) 

There is Mogami Sanju-san Kannon 16th bill director sense temple in Sagae Castle ruins outermost outworks place.

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