Trip to Yamagata| Sightseeing of Mamurogawa-machi

Nonomura reservoir

For result of feeding to be pond made for irrigation water originally, but to pass for ten years.


Akiyama Ski Area

Skiing area for beginner's class ~ intermediate people. As for the figure with parent and child having fun of sled riding on the weekend.


Firmness waterfall

Between rocks which did funny rashii form, is waterfall of 10m in height roar by explosion like 1,000 thunder?


The third-floor waterfall

State that cool and clear Wed falls to steps at rock face is right force perfect score. Basin of a waterfall niata.


Beech forest walk, huge tree trekking

Of virgin forest of beech forest walk (kamusan), huge tree trekking (steamer mountain) beech.


Station of Mori

It is stand in Mamurogawamori Parking Area of Mamurogawa Station juxtaposition. Local seasonal field.


Mamurogawa Ondo Folk songs

"Nut gnarl" which was popular in the north coastal highway area at the time of Meiji is fisherman of fishing port Onagawa of Miyagi.


Oh, it is pattern joke / Osawa clause

With drinking bout song, old comfort Jomura is hit accommodation in street to be in hospital in Akita from Shonai in old days.


Mamurogawa-machi is sold; and center

We sell and can learn possible process of product. Visit is possible by advance reservations, too.


Osawa obako

Go down and is sung as song mortar in Osawa, Mamurogawa-machi (old comfort Jomura), of Akita girl.


The mountain stream fishing / Mamurogawa whole area

Mamurogawa-machi that is blessed with many clear streams. In town, it is Mamurogawa, Kaneyama river, Sakegawa.


Ipponsugi of swamp of waterfall

We say that this Osugi held stone enshrined at the root as god of the mountain. Just.


Excellent Katsunuma

There are many alpine plants in neighborhood and is treasure house of wild plants again. We flow into excellent Katsunuma.



The prospects of Sea of Japan Yuzawa plains are good, and Mt. Chokai-san seems to pick up; is Takayama in the neighborhood of mountaintop.


Waterfall (the Takasaka dam upper reaches) of earth-finished godown

Waterfall of approximately 30m in height is grand. Autumn colored leaves are superb views.


Sightseeing Bracken (warabi) garden

The northeastern part, Mogami area of Yamagata Prefecture is treasure house of wild plants. In four places of sightseeing Bracken (warabi) garden.

[Funagata-machi, Mamurogawa-machi, Sakegawa-mura, Tozawa-mura]

Waterfall of King Akira Fudo

Waterfall which gets off car, and is seen immediately. Of monolith which it is not big waterfall, but is smooth.


Mamurogawa Park / Bairin Park

It is Park of townsman rest to be able to show various expressions seasonally. After all see; do.


Fast (fishing with the shallows)

Taste of the spring's first south wind. It is one in casting net in haya gathering in shallows suitable for laying eggs because of breeding.


Farmhouse guest house greens and fruits village hermitage

Offer and gabled and hipped roof of local cuisine using article for sale that we got greens and fruits village hermitage at home farm.

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