Trip to Yamagata| Sightseeing of Funagata-machi

Sanchoku Mansaku

For reliability to show face of producer where there are clear stream Oguni-gawa River, fragrance of young ayu newly.


Sweetfish native village

13 cottages, Campsite (direct tension. Spatially 8 sites).


Sabane-yama Jizoson(guardian deity of children)

It is counted to the Japan's three biggest guardian deity of children, and child, relationship are constipated from old days and believe as macrobiotic God.


Remains Park "goddess town" in front of west no

It is souvenir picture in monument of "goddess of Jomon". Goddess of Jomon is Stai.


Waterfall of wild swamp

We can expect the background from Route 47, Nagaobashi. Waterfall sonomo.


Light, balmy breeze kiln ceramic art experience

We can experience from one person. Admission 1,000 yen It is oneself.


Sweetfish notsukamidori experience

It is sweetfish notsuka .. in sweetfish type waterway in sweetfish park funagata in Oguni-gawa River riverbed


Woodwork craft experience / Funagata-machi

Do commencing with the making of insect that use twigs, all kinds of woodwork Clough.


Flower art experience / Funagata-machi

We dry various flowers which we collected and are with decoration using the flower seasonally.


Soba Making Experience / Funagata-machi

We can learn unique making soba to remain in area.


New Oku-no-Hosomichi "rises of matchmaking"

Macrobiotic guardian deity of children be worshiped matchmaking, child via Ohirayama from Funagata Station.


Matsubashi Bracken (warabi) park

We open from late May through late June in average year. ※It completely needs reservations .


Monkey Haneyama Park

We can enjoy seasonal flowers such as cherry tree, ayame, cosmos. Park.


Sightseeing Bracken (warabi) garden

The northeastern part, Mogami area of Yamagata Prefecture is treasure house of wild plants. In four places of sightseeing Bracken (warabi) garden.

[Funagata-machi, Mamurogawa-machi, Sakegawa-mura, Tozawa-mura]

Beechmast private supplementary school

Soba Making Experience in house of ancient custom with hearth.


Yamagata Prefecture citizen of the prefecture golf course

Area of the 18 holes. Restaurant which Courses can overlook. jo ..


Fanwise-topknot hairstyle of fortune Akira temple

It is chest high people 4.6m, height of the tree 32m in approximately 200 years years old. We are going from branch of big tree.


Funagata-machi's Historical Museum

Japan which was excavated other than folk document, history document from the town in August, 1992 most.


Poetry Monument of Mokichi

October, 1955 erection, 1.7m in height, width 0.75m epitaph fir tree.



Villager who was annoyed by the flooding of repeated Mogami River talks with ex-Emperor Fudo Tomita.

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