Trip to Yamagata| Sightseeing of Oe-machi

Kodera Valley "Jintsu-kyo Gorge"

We drift from peaks approximately 3,000 hectares including Asahi Peaks small Asahidake.


Oyama Natural Park Campsite

There is lawn open space, too, and child can play at ease, too. In May for the middle.


"oshin" raft descent location

52% of mean audience ratings that was broadcasted in consecutive telenovel of NHK morning in 1983.


Oyama Natural Park

 Oyama Natural Park is the best among the mountaintop of southwestern Oyama (317m above sea level) from JR Aterazawa Station.


Tateyama Park

The alias best Park in Japan. Terminal of JR Aterazawa (aterazawa) line, the north side of Aterazawa Station.


Oe Roadside Station

It is Roadside Station which Route 287 via Oe-machi is along. Take in Oe-machi.


Oe-machi Historical Museum

Mother of the Saitos known as landowner of Juro field of Oe-machi seven district from the Kanbun year.


Old Mogami bridge

Is built a bridge in 1940, beautiful figure as symbol of Oe-machi on the surface of the water.

[Sagae-shi, Oe-machi]

Soba Making Experience (Oku-Oe Yanagawa Hot Springs)

In Yanagawa hot spring among seasonal mountain ranges making soba of 100% of buckwheat flour.


Haramachi Street

When, in Haramachi, Naotsugu Sakai of Aterazawa feudal lord maintained small Shitsukawa Castle at the beginning of the Edo era.



Is informed with the gate of castle built in small Shitsukawa by Naotsugu Sakai of Aterazawa feudal lord; and now.


Mogami River water transportation, Mogami River sailor's song

 Mother river "Mogami River" of Yamagata. The cause that water transportation route was opened from Yonezawa to Sakata.


The Mogami River banks of a river

Oe-machi is town which prospered in Mogami River water transportation culture. Port of river is done along the Mogami River; lap.


Small Shitsukawa Castle trace

It is small Shitsukawa castle to have been able to modernize in substitution for Aterazawa Tateyama Castle that was in existing Tateyama Park.


Country designated historic spot Aterazawa Tateyama Castle trace

In origin of whole families Aterazawa of Oe more the Shohei year (1346 ~ 136.. of the north and south dynasty period


Oe-machi interchange station

 Interchange station is line uko .. by information dispatch such as the history and culture, sightseeing of town


Oe-machi Chuo-dori mall

At this mall located in the center of Oe-machi from food to miscellaneous goods of a lot of.


Aterazawa Station

It is the starting station of JR Aterazawa Line and is the terminal. Aterazawa (aterazawa) of station name.


Kojiro Japanese nutmeg

We are said to be the best among Tohoku for Thu of Japanese nutmeg, and the age of a tree is approximately 1,500 years. Close ..


Kokura interchange building

We opened for the purpose of promotion of local agriculture in 2003. It is biography in hometown.

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