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Yamadera / Hojusan Risshakuji Temple

As for the Risshaku-ji Temple mainly on Hojusan Risshaku Temple, Jikaku Daishi is (860).. in 860


Otori-ike Pond

Fantastic huge fish "Takitaro (big fish)" is lake height above the sea level approximately 1,000 me in mysterious mountain to live in.

[Tsuruoka-shi (Asahi district)]

Furukuchi Station

Simple trust station. ※There are not green window, byu plaza. .


Mt. Nishi Azuma

Sun which is located in Fukushima and boundary of Yamagata Prefecture at the highest peak of Mt. Azuma-san (Azuma mountain range).


Kumano Shrine

We enshrine **koredammei, and there is monument inscribed with a tanka poem of Mokichi Saito near.


Takitaro building

Village morning of fantastic huge fish "Takitaro (big fish)" living in lake "Otori-ike Pond" in mysterious mountain.

[Tsuruoka-shi (Asahi district)]

Yamagata-shi Sogo Sports Center Skating Rink

Outdoor skating rink Tennis court of Yamagata-shi sports complex.


Komagihara Skating Rink

The only skating rink in Tsuruoka In outdoor skating rink only in Tsuruoka-shi.

[Tsuruoka-shi (Tsuruoka district)]

Iide Dondendaira Snow Park

Lots of snow activities, which you may not try anywhere else, as much as you like! Thank you for waiting!! .


Gassan Snowshoe Trekking

Let's walk on the snowy world as far as the eye can see! As it is snow shoe, we can jump up and down.


Haramachi Street

In Haramachi, Naotsugu Sakai of Aterazawa feudal lord maintains small Shitsukawa Castle at the beginning of the Edo era.


Studio Sedic Shonai Open-Air Set

Shooting site of many popular films is open to public Many movies and dramas.

[Tsuruoka-shi (Tsuruoka district)]

Utamaru Shrine

From 712 (712), Usa Hachiman shrine divided divine spirit. Sunday first as for the annual festival in September.


Tokura-ko Lake

Resort spot to be able to enjoy in lakeside nature and various Events throughout the year.


Kami-no-Hata Kannon

Upper Nobata who was yoko of traffic in old days of the Heian period is the incurrent pivot of Buddhism culture.


Rokusawa Kannon

Lacquer block horse here is thing by oblation of Nobe swamp Totomi Akira Morimitsu and is appointed city.


Sun Village Tokura Lake Auto-campsite

Pet dog is OK, too! Play in athletic open space; and is .. by outdoor life


Village Gobono of firefly

In Gobono of the city northeast, run in Jul from the end of June; and boisterous dance of firefly.


High Terayama Shoko-ji Temple

The Shonai etiquette place Sanju-san Kannon hallowed ground 30th Sealed letter issued by a shogun place: Shoko-ji Temple Denomination: .

[Tsuruoka-shi (Haguro district)]

oyamazakura of King Nishikura grazing land

King Nishikura that Oyama-zakura attaches pink flower which is thicker than Yoshino cherry tree.

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