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Yamadera / Hojusan Risshakuji Temple

As for the Risshaku-ji Temple mainly on Hojusan Risshaku Temple, Jikaku Daishi is (860).. in 860


Swan Skating Rink

Fun winter indoor sports! Only skating rink in Sakata-shi. .

[Sakata-shi (Sakata district)]

Mt. Atsumi

Mt. Atsumi is located in northeast about 2� of Atsumi Onsen, mountain of 736m above sea level.

[Tsuruoka-shi (Atsumi district)]

Mt. Maya-san

Large observation deck "Mt. Maya-san" of Bandai-Asahi National Park << important news >>.

[Tsuruoka-shi (Asahi district), Tsuruoka-shi (Atsumi district)]

Sightseeing in Yamagata-shi volunteer guide association "Ka-jo Castle we wait ordinary guide"

Castle town Yamagata which prospered for a long time. While following the feature; Yamagata Castle ruin, ..



Collection of late Kenzo Hasegawa who ran the spinning factory in Ueyama.


Kaminoyama Castle

Seasonal Scenery Shows up on We praise fine castle of Dewa or connections with "fine castle of Dewa".


Chestnut river Inari Shrine

Enshrine storehouse flash of lightning life, annual festival April 23. It is Shohei Fujii household gods.


Kodera Valley "Jintsu-kyo Gorge"

We do including symphony Asahi Peaks small Asahidake which clear stream plays with Kiki.


Sagae mikoshi hall

Feeling before JR Sagae Station as symbol of "we wait Sagae of mikoshi."


Tendo record salon

Do you not look for music of your memory? Former Tendo music box Museum.


kuaoruto Shimizu, Juhyo tree (tree rime) original Courses

Walk the world of Juhyo tree (tree rime); "spring water" does once at starting point of Mount Zao faith.


Mt. kuaoruto Miyoshi Courses

We walk from beginner to senior and die out and spread enough Courses Wood tips.


kuaoruto Zao Heights Bodaira Courses

Is located to signpost high difference about 1,000m to walk over cloud, 2008.


kuaoruto thin air Kura mountain Courses

It is history route <the mountaintop Courses> pickled daikon dam and Takadate Castle ruins which can encounter funny Thu.


kuaoruto Nishiyama Courses

Around village forest Courses Courses which can go from station in a 15-minute walk scripture mound mountain high.


kuaoruto Hayama Courses

It is immediate from hot-spring resort! People of simple Courses hometown are cherry tree, deep red from 2007.


Subsidiary inn for daimyo's attendants Takizawa-ya (the old Tannos)

Serve manor house of a squire in house with the entrance at the side parallel with the ridge, person of curvature of direct shape of a house type in the Edo era, subsidiary inn for daimyo's attendants again.


Wed Kishiyama Jigen-in Temple Kannon-ji Temple (on hot water the Kannon)

This temple is old historic temple belonging to the Shingon Buddhism intellect mountain group under the pretense of Wed Kishiyama Jigen-in Temple Kannon-ji Temple.

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