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Yamadera / Hojusan Risshakuji Temple

As for the Risshaku-ji Temple mainly on Hojusan Risshaku Temple, Jikaku Daishi is (860).. in 860


Takahata Winery

Founded in Mahoroba-no-Sato, Takahata-machi in 1990. Of a lot of every year.


Takahata Chisan building (the Yoneori Center)

For assortment of goods which valued season hometown, village "Takahata" of organic farming.


Sakata Yume-no-Kura

In symbol of sightseeing base "Sankyo Warehouse" of Sakata national eminent rice granary Shonai.

[Sakata-shi (Sakata district)]

Koryu-ko Lake Campsite

<span style="color: #DD0000;"> ※.


Fudo Nabekura waterfall

In *i of Yukoku Miyama going down mountaineering asceticism ground, steep slope of Buddhist monk along rope.


Green Farm narazaka

Direct .. of seasonal taste and vegetables which we brought up carefully in wild plants collecting, summer in Teuchi soba spring



Castle place of security treaty Tarosuke form of the Shonai etiquette place Sanju-san Kannon hallowed ground 14th Amarume lord of a castle.


Kita-Gassan Campsite

Magnificent camping experience while it is wrapped naturally of north Mt. Gassan In the foot of Mt. Gassan.


The sixth white fox mountain, light star temple (Soto sect)

Temple where it is one of the 33, Shonai Kannon, and many people visit pilgrim from the whole country.


Small Idenuma farm village Park

In Koideshinden, old days, the main stream of Mogami River are flow, ship landing place, wood and daily commodities.


Amarume Hachiman Shrine

We collected faith as Mori of Amarume volost total local deity for a long time. Of *naisanhachiban.


North shield Ozeki

Yamagata Prefecture first 2018 world irrigation facility inheritance registration 1612 (.


Person of Kashiwakura nine Court Security Office

Approximately 2,300 tsubos (7623.. that served village official under Yamagata Castle in the Edo era


Kashiwakura Souemon house house

We establish a branch family than person of town designated cultural assets Kashiwakura nine Court Security Office in (1724) in 1724.


Oyama Natural Park Campsite

Do you not enjoy nature in camping and cottage? Lawn open space is, too.


Kodera Valley "Jintsu-kyo Gorge"

We do including symphony Asahi Peaks small Asahidake which clear stream plays with Kiki.


Maiko Ja-ya (tea house) Soma-ro Yumeji Takehisa Museum

It was gaiety to revive and restaurant which represented Sakata from the elegant no new world Edo era.

[Sakata-shi (Sakata district)]

Studio Sedic Shonai Open-Air Set

Shooting site of many popular films is open to public Many movies and dramas.

[Tsuruoka-shi (Tsuruoka district)]

Yamagata Station

The place [line] JR Yamagata Shinkansen which links the middle of a journey from area to area .

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