Sake breweries of Yamagata/Shonai

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Sake brewery of Shonai area

Warehouseman name Representative brand [Tour and Tasting] Young sake information, others Address, traffic information
Photograph of eau-de-vie Shonai Clear spring river [visit] Possible
[sampling] Possible
[the number of people] To around 15 people
<Time> 10:00~16:00
※(Reservation required)

Kura of Junmai Ginjo Sake clear spring river silver

Kura of Junmai Ginjo Sake clear spring river red

Sakata-shi larger section of a village Hamanaka second 123
Telephone: 0234-92-2046
FAX :0234-92-2045
Ten parking lots
・From JR Sakata Station a 5-minute walk from bus "Hamanaka" for Yunohama getting off
Photograph of Yoshi Kato Hachiro brewing Oyama
Dance of special approval bamboo grass
[visit] Impossibility
[sampling] Impossibility
Seasonally limited liquor
Squeeze pure mijiu for the first time especially; pure alcoholic drink (from December to March)
Purely particularly U.S. hiyaoroshi (from September to December)

"Oyama young sake, sake brewery Festival"
Inquiries such as tickets on Saturday every year held in the Feb second to Dewa business and industry meeting Oyama branch
TEL: 0235-33-2117


3-1-38, Oyama, Tsuruoka-shi
Telephone: 0235-33-2008
FAX: 0235-33-0880
The lengthy left side of the stage [visit] Impossibility
[sampling] Impossibility
Squeeze length only of Dec
Limited release
1 in Haguromachitono, Tsuruoka-shi character fortune no
Telephone: 0235-62-2307
FAX: 0235-62-4202
36 Junmai Ginjo Sake people
Dai-ginjo Sake secret
Plum wine of Yamagata
Isami who hears the real U.S. shochu laurels
[visit] Impossibility
[sampling] Impossibility
  Kuromori, Sakata-shi character reed Hayama 650
Telephone: 0234-92-2323
FAX :0234-92-2485
Photograph of Koikawa brewing Koikawa
[visit] Impossibility
[sampling] Impossibility
  42, Okino, Amarume, Shonai-machi
Telephone: 0234-43-2005
FAX :0234-43-2007
Five parking lots
Origin of upper joy [visit] Impossibility
[sampling] Impossibility
Upper joy former Dai-ginjo Sake Nishiki, Misato
Origin of upper joy purely particularly U.S. Yamada Nishiki
Origin of upper joy dies from pure rice in particular
2-3-25, Hiyoshicho, Sakata-shi
Telephone: 0234-22-1541
FAX :0234-22-1542
・From JR Sakata Station is 15 minutes by car on foot for five minutes
Near municipal parking lot Ltd.
Photograph of Sajiuemon Sato Mountain and cherry tree
Exceedingly high mountain Mt. Gassan
[visit] Possible
[sampling] Possible
<Time> Weekdays 9:00-16:00
[the number of people] 1 person - 20 people
※(Reservation required)
In winter product (the end of December release) for a limited time
Liquor (funamaeshu) in front of the cistern is fresh
(1.8 L, 720 ml)
Amarume, Shonai-machi character town 255
Telephone: 0234-42-3013
FAX :0234-42-3522
・Or it is about 15 minutes on foot from JR Amarume Station by car in the Sakata area for about five minutes
There is parking lot
Photograph of Nizaemon Sato Ou pride [visit] Impossibility
[sampling] Impossibility
Update occasional in Facebook 123, Shinmeimae, Kamiyamazoe, Tsuruoka-shi
Telephone: 050-3385-0347
FAX: 050-3730-5866
Photograph of Isamu Sugi bracken Oka brewing ground Isamu Sugi [visit] Impossibility
[sampling] Impossibility
  Kamiwarabioka, Yuza-machi character detailed field 47-1
Telephone: 0234-72-2234
FAX: 0234-72-2234
Tohoku Izumi [visit] Impossibility
[sampling] Impossibility
Liquor which we have begun to fit from autumn is completed one after another.
Pure alcoholic drink of basic product is for a limited time and begins to appear with a limitation of amount.
57, Ippongi, Fukura, Yuza-machi
Telephone: 0234-77-2005
FAX: 0234-77-2168
Photograph of the dew of bamboo Hakuro appendix ball [visit] Inquiry required
[sampling] Inquiry required
Sake brewery of 100% of Shonai convention liquor United States In front of Haguromachiinomatashinden, Tsuruoka-shi character Taya 133
Telephone: 0235-62-2209
FAX: 0235-62-3306
・Is car than JR Tsuruoka Station; 15 minutes
・Bus 20 minutes "yupoka" for the Haguro mountaintop
 A 15-minute walk from getting off
Photograph of river brewing of shield Shield Nogawa [visit] Impossibility
[sampling] Impossibility
Limited distribution shield Nogawa, premium shield Nogawa
Warehouseman of gross quantity Junmai Dai-ginjo Sake. Kura Festival is held in spring in average year
27, Shimizuda, Yamadate, Sakata-shi
Telephone: 0234-52-2323
FAX: 0234-52-2324
Photograph of higashikitamei* The first grandchild [visit] Possible
[sampling] Possible
[the number of people] One ~
Factory: 10-4 these past months
Museum: All year
Closed Monday, New Year holidays (closed except that there is reservation from December 1 to January 20)
Museum: 10:00-16:30
※It requires reservation more than group ten people
Under release that Junmai Ginjo Sake has just finished squeezing (attributive quality) Jurizuka, Sakata-shi character village 125-3, Higashiyama
Telephone: 0234-31-1515
FAX: 0234-31-5588

"The first grandchild Kura sight-seeing building"
Telephone: 0234-31-2320
・It is 15 minutes by car from JR Sakata Station
20 parking lots, trailer bus ten
Photograph of Haneda brewing Uzen white plum blossoms [visit] Please refer
(as for the period, impossible in winter) [sampling] Impossibility
"Oyama young sake, sake brewery Festival"
2-1-15, Oyama, Tsuruoka-shi
Telephone: 0235-33-2058
FAX: 0235-33-1221
Glory Fuji [visit] Impossibility
[sampling] Impossibility
<limited liquor>
Fresh senryu
Cage-involved haku*
2019 new sale-limited liquor
"Pole supernova ~ HYPER NOVA ~"

"Oyama young sake, sake brewery Festival"
3-32-48, Oyama, Tsuruoka-shi
Telephone: 0235-33-3200
FAX: 0235-33-0477
Fuji of matsumine [visit] Possible
※(Reservation required)
[sampling] Possible ※Pay
  Sakata-shi character wild town 17
Telephone: 0234-62-2003
FAX: 0234-62-2559
The foot well [visit] Impossibility
[sampling] Impossibility
<limited liquor> Cage-involved Junmai Ginjo Sake Omachi rice no filtration home brew
Junmai Ginjo Sake Dewasansan has just finished squeezing
32, Yokomichi, Fumoto, Sakata-shi
Telephone: 0234-64-2002
FAX: 0234-64-2132
Photograph of Watarai Head Office Dewa no snow [visit] Possible
[sampling] Possible
At Dewa no snow brewing museum
1/1-1/3 holiday
Others are year round
<Time> 8:45-16:30
※(Reservation required)
Liquor in front of seasonally limited article making a thing in midwinter brewing sake from the finest rice young sake Dewa no snow cistern

"Oyama young sake, sake brewery Festival"
2-2-8, Oyama, Tsuruoka-shi
Telephone: 0235-33-3262
FAX: 0235-33-3368
・From JR Tsuruoka Station car 20 minutes
・"Former large mountain cottage silver" than JR Tsuruoka Station bus about 20 minutes for Yunohama is a 3-minute walk from getting off
Parking lot: Ten cars
Three trailer buses

Total:198,189,436 Today:63,483 Yesterday:76,879