Sake breweries of Yamagata/Murayama

Sake brewery of Murayama area

Warehouseman name Representative brand [Tour and Tasting] Young sake information, others Address, traffic information
Photograph of Asahi-gawa River brewing Asahi-gawa River [visit] Possible
[sampling] Possible
[the number of people] One person - ten people
Open: It is all year possible except Dec.
 (we limit in winter at time during period)
 ※(Reservation required)
The training time until from November to March Otsu-93, Yachi, Kahoku-cho
Telephone: 0237-72-2022
FAX: 0237-72-7197
・Is car than JR Sagae Station; 15 minutes
・Is car than JR Sakurambo-Higashine Station; 15 minutes
・Is car than Yamagata Airport; 15 minutes
Photograph of steep mountain brewing Feather positive steep mountain [visit] Possible
[sampling] Possible
[the number of people] 2 or 3 people - 20 people
Open: Business day except Dec
<Time> 9:00-16:00
※(Reservation required)
It releases depending on season 2-4-13, Yokamachi, Yamagata-shi
Telephone: 023-641-0141
FAX: 023-641-0225
Mail: [email protected]
It is 10-15 minutes on foot from JR Yamagata Station
Parking lot Ltd.
Photograph of Gassan Shuzo Silvery peak Mt. Gassan [visit] Possible (only in the museum)
[sampling] Possible (only in the museum)
・The silvery peak Mt. Gassan aging in the snow
 Early March ~

<seasonally limited recommendation>
・Liquor in front of silvery peak Mt. Gassan barrel
 It is from December to the beginning of March
Oaza, Sagae-shi Tanizawa 769-1
Telephone: 0237-87-1114
FAX: 0237-87-1163

Sake brewery museum of Mt. Gassan
Hei-674-2, Mutsuai, Nishikawa-machi
(the Shitara Sake Brewery site)
Telephone: 0237-74-2020
Parking lot: 20 cars
For closing between no fixed holiday, the winter season, please confirm before visit in Gassan Shuzo (TEL 0237-87-1114)
Photograph of Kotobuki Toraya brewing Ka-jo Castle Kotobuki
[visit] (Reservation required)
[sampling] (Reservation required)
[the number of people] 4 people - 20 people
Open: Basically weekdays (as for from November to February, impossible)
<Time> 10:00-16:00 (except 12:00-13:00)
The training until around the middle of March Oaza, Yamagata-shi Nakazato character Kitada 93-1
Telephone: 023-687-2626
FAX: 023-687-3301
From JR Takase Station a 25-minute walk
Photograph of Shitara Sake Brewery A roar [visit] Possible
[sampling] Possible
[the number of people] 1 person - 50 people
Open: From April to December
※In the case of group, it requires reservation
A Dai-ginjo Sake roar
A roar season
A roar
Hei-674-2, Mutsuai, Nishikawacho
Telephone: 0237-74-2020
FAX: 0237-74-2068

Parking lot: Summer period 20 cars,
In site "sake brewery museum of Mt. Gassan"
Photograph of shuhoshuzojo shuho [visit] Impossibility (inquiry required)
[sampling] Impossibility
  1-6-6, Yanbemachi, Yamagata-shi
Telephone: 023-641-0026
FAX: 023-622-8192
Dragon Kura (old Suzuki brewing (shi)) full of Gassan Shuzo Rich dragon [visit] Impossibility
[sampling] Impossibility
When we can observe, there is sake brewery in Events
We ship from Gassan Shuzo, and rich dragon is sold
1170, Miyajuku, Asahicho
"Gassan Shuzo"
Oaza, Sagae-shi Tanizawa 769-1
Telephone: 0237-87-1114
FAX: 0237-87-1163
Takagi brewing Asahi hawk [visit] Impossibility
[sampling] Impossibility
  1826, Tominami, Murayama-shi
Telephone: 0237-57-2131
FAX: 0237-57-2133
Photograph of Chiyo Kotobuki Toraya Chiyo Kotobuki [visit] Possible
[sampling] Possible
[the number of people] 4 people - 15 people
Open: Basically weekdays (on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, flexible by the situation)
<Time> 9:00-16:00
※(Reservation required)
Purely particularly U.S. fresh Chiyo Kotobuki
Junmai Ginjo Sake raw sake snow stroll
2-1-16, Minamimachi, Sagae-shi
Telephone: 0237-86-6133
FAX: 0237-86-9644
・It is about 5 minutes by car from Sagae IC
・From JR Sagae Station a 5-minute walk
Parking lot: For about eight
Photograph of Dewa cherry blossoms brewing Dewa cherry blossoms [visit] Impossibility
[sampling] Impossibility ※For the present remodeling construction
It is shipped around November to young sake every year.
There are Dewazakura Museum of Art (main building), art museum (annex) of Shinichi Saito feeling in site.
1-4-6, Hitoichimachi, Tendo-shi
Telephone: 023-653-5121
FAX: 023-653-0600
・From JR Tendo Station a 15-minute walk
・Taxi five minutes
Photograph of Furusawa brewing ≪Sake≫
Seishu Masamune Sawa
Height of colored leaves
Good field excellent sake

Snowy field
[visit] Possible (only in the museum)
[sampling] Possible (only in the museum)
※Visit of brewing museum is all year possible.
 Group needs reservation.
It is naive with liquor in front of the new wooden storage of sake in Jan
We sell variegation.
In "side hit spot colored leaves hermitage", Soba Making Experience is possible.
(Reservation required) It is accepted by three people.
Call time: 9:00-17:00
3-5-7, Marunouchi, Sagae-shi
Telephone: 0237-86-5322
FAX: 0237-86-0567
From JR Sagae Station a 13-minute walk
About 50 parking lots
Photograph of Mitobe brewing The Yamagata sword Masamune
Drunkenness cotton rose
[visit] Impossibility
[sampling] Impossibility
  Otsu-7, Haramachi, Tendo-shi
Telephone: 023-653-2131
FAX: 023-654-8390
Photograph of Rokkasen ≪Sake≫
Labor and time
Armed monk of Enryakuji

[visit] Possible
[sampling] Possible
[the number of people] 30 ~
Open: All year
(as for the sake brewing period from October to March)
<Time> 10:00~16:00
※(Reservation required)
※Only sampling is possible
※On account of the training, I may decline visit.
We hold great harvest festival in Kura visit, Oct in Mar in usual. No charge for admission.

Home brew is fresh, and hidden liquor Junmai Ginjo Sake arabashiri life of Kura is now on sale
3-17-7, Onsenmachi, Higashine-shi
Telephone: 0237-42-2777
FAX: 0237-43-6074
・From JR Murayama Station car five minutes, a 15-minute walk
・From JR Sakurambo-Higashine Station car ten minutes
・From Yamagata Airport car 15 minutes
There is parking lot (possible trailer bus parking)
Photograph of Wada Brewery Aratama
The Mt. Gassan-maru
Keozakura cherry blossom
[visit] Possible
[sampling] Possible
Open: From January to November (unavailable in December)
[the number of people] 1 to 30 persons
※(Reservation required)
This brewing straight home brew
"Hayama lowering"
Junmai Ginjo Sake
"Yachi noarabashiri"
Ko-17, Yachi, Kahoku-cho
Telephone: 0237-72-3105
FAX: 0237-72-3598
・"Six attendant mouths" getting off is immediate by bus from JR Sagae Station for 15 minutes
Three parking lots

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