Terume-Hakuryou Healthy Hot Springs Hall

Terume-Hakuryou Healthy Hot Springs Hall てるめはくりょうけんこうおんせんかん
Both body and heart are refreshed
We want to spend hot water kkuri all day long
Mogami River sailor's song birthplace, Oe-machi, Yamagata.
"Terume-Hakuryou Healthy Hot Springs Hall" which is built in the Mogami River banks of a river.
Oh, hot spring rest facility which did hot water "Funauta Hot Springs" of sop in the source.
Relieving fatigue is effective chronic woman's illness diabetes, neuralgia, muscular pain.
There is the prefecture's first Tron sauna in bathroom other than hinoki bath, bath set in the cave, and, after the bathing, there are bath towel salon, large hall (multipurpose hall), private room rest room and karaoke room, restaurant, too, is hot water ttarinombirikutsurogemasu all day.

※Low temperature sauna in Tron sauna ... Terume-Hakuryou.
We recommend to which hot sauna is weak in to provide sweat that is higher than normal sauna at low temperature of around 50 degrees.
Because there are few burdens to heart or the lungs, the elderly and child can be refreshed in peace, too.

New bathtub service starts from April 1, 2014
July 20, 2014 reopening
・Long-awaited open-air bath new establishment
・Panel using 189 pieces of organic electroluminescence lighting
  • Name Terume-Hakuryou Healthy Hot Springs Hall
  • Location 831-40, Fujita, Oe-machi, Nishimurayama-gun
  • Phone number 0237-83-4126 (yoifuro)
  • FAX number 0237-83-4339
  • Access It is five minutes by car from Aterazawa Station
  • Parking lot About 100
  • Contact information Terume-Hakuryou Healthy Hot Springs Hall
  • URL http://oekanko.jp/?page_id=67
  • Others ※Please refer for Details such as rate, business hours toward the direct facility.
[Last updated] November 19, 2018
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