Pension omochabako

Pension omochabako ぺんしょんおもちゃばこ
Pension to be able to stay with pet
It is got close to pet earliest as accommodation to be able to stay in omochabakoha, Tohoku. A lot of repeaters are reliable, too. Cozy hospitality is attractive.
  • Name Pension omochabako
  • Location Banseichokariyasu, Yonezawa-shi 24156-131
    (Yonezawa skiing area glitter kingdom)
  • Phone number 0238-28-1837
  • FAX number 0238-28-1836
  • Access From Yonezawa Station car 20 minutes  
  • Contact information Pension omochabako
  • URL
  • Remarks [pet rate and pet accommodation condition]
    ●Indoor house dog (doggy living with family in the room)
    ●Indoor dog (small dog ~ big dog), cat
    ・Outside house dog and shiepado dog are unacceptable
    ・Peak hour only as for the dog
    ●Pet accommodation for free (meal nothing of pet, pet with no bath) 
    ・We can train restroom 
    ・Please bring meal of pet
    ・To two family groups
    ・Acceptance pet in peak is limited to doggies
    ・Season, big dog are consultation required at the time of reservation in winter
    ※For further information, please check our web site.
[Last updated] February 24, 2017
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