Shirabu Hot Springs "chuokubetsukanfudokaku"

Shirabu Hot Springs "chuokubetsukanfudokaku" なかやべっかんふどうかく
Doorway Shirabu Hot Springs of 100 famous mountains in Japan Mt. Azuma-san
We expect chuokubetsukanfudokakuitojokawagenryukeitani,
In bath "noted product Olympics bath" of view
Please enjoy natural hot spring of open hot water 700 years.
  • Name Shirabu Hot Springs "chuokubetsukanfudokaku"
  • Location Yonezawa-shi larger section of a village Seki 1514
  • Phone number 0238-55-2121
  • Business Hours [drop in hot water] From 7:00 to 9:00, from 14:00 to 18:00
  • Closed No fixed holiday
  • Access ・From Yonezawa Station bus 45 minutes for Shirabu

    ・It is 32 minutes by car from Tohoku Chuo Expressway, Yonezawa center IC
  • Parking lot Available
  • Contact information chuokubetsukanfudokaku
  • URL
  • Others Manager: Taira Endo gate-guard office
    Number of the rooms - Japanese-style room: 35
    The seating capacity - public (person): 100
    Seating capacity - group (person): 150
    Having pickup and drop-off or not from incidental facility and the nearest station: Available
    The dew
    Location requirements: Hot spring resort
    Hot spring:○
    Registration designation: SUN
[Last updated] February 22, 2019
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