hoteruvarutoberuku of Sakaiya Mori

hoteruvarutoberuku of Sakaiya Mori さかいやもりのほてるうばぁるとべるく
By rich blessing, Mori (Barthes) and heap of human being and other creatures (Berg) bringing up life are hometown of heart to feel "ease" "warmth" "cleanness" "gentleness", Japanese Hara scenery. It is ... to the full in ... clear air which is let loose by busy daily life, and comes back to nature and time to drift relaxedly
  • Name hoteruvarutoberuku of Sakaiya Mori
  • Location Shimizu, Zaoonsen, Yamagata-shi board 889-1
  • Phone number 023-694-9300
  • FAX number 023-694-9888
  • Access From Yamagata Station bus 45 minutes
    From Yamagata zao I.C. car 20 minutes via King Nishikura Heights line
  • URL
[Last updated] October 17, 2018
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