Yoshida-ya inn

Yoshida-ya inn よしだやりょかん
We are proud of rich hot water with full of effects
Accommodation which is full of spa atmosphere in the hot-spring resort center of excellent hot water, Zao Hot Springs.
We have customer by heartfelt dishes and warm hospitality.
  • Name Yoshida-ya inn
  • Location 13, Zaoonsen, Yamagata-shi
  • Phone number 023-694-9223
  • FAX number 023-694-9404
  • Access From Yamagata Station bus 45 minutes
    From Yamagata zao I.C. car 20 minutes via King Nishikura Heights line
  • URL http://www.hoteloakhill.com/yoshidaya01.html
  • Remarks [pet and staying one]
    Inn which is nice for customer of pet companion.
    We can travel with important pet! This is pleased with very much!

    ●It is limited to indoor small dog (to around 10 kg in weight), cat which bark, and do not perform waste.
    ●Please bring meal, restroom cage.
    ●Movement in hall would like hug or cage.
    ●Pet becomes caretaker on meal in room.
  • Others ※For further information, please check our web site.
[Last updated] November 28, 2014
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