Akayu Onsen

Akayu Onsen あかゆおんせん
It prospers as post town of Oshu Highway
Town of hot water that there is feature that was spa once
Yoshitsuna Minamotono discovers Akayu Onsen in 1093 (Kanji 7).
Atmospheric hot spring which is bright with fruit and flower and Ideyu Hot Springs, health of lake.
Footbath "Akko Poppo-Yu Hot Springs" came out in 2003.
Famous spot of cherry tree, hot-spring resort in the foot of Eboshiyama Park. Younger brother justice rope of Hachimantaro Yoshiie is said to have discovered, and wound is cured when samurai hurt by war soaks in hot water and reaches when accompanied by the name of Akayu because hot water is crimson and was dyed. Uesugi feudal lord came in Era of Feudal Clans, too and prospered as palace hot water.

Do you not make spa luxury while searching for good old cityscape at village of wine?
  • Name Akayu Onsen
  • Location Akayu, Nanyo-shi
  • Phone number 0238-43-3114
  • FAX number 0238-43-7520
  • Access It is bus five minutes from Akayu Station
    It is a 20-minute walk from Akayu Station
    It is 50 minutes by car from Tohoku Expressway Iizaka, Fukushima IC
  • Contact information Akayu Onsen inn cooperative
  • URL http://www.akayu-onsen.com/
  • Remarks [characteristic]
    Smell: Hydrogen sulfide smell
    Color: Transparence
    [spring quality]
    fukumi*o - sodium calcium - chloride hot spring
    Drill wound, burn, chronic dermatopathia, neuralgia
    senon 59.0 degrees Celsius
[Last updated] April 13, 2017
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