Sagae Onsen

Sagae Onsen さがえおんせん
Blow out in 1954, Cherry picking,
Base of mountaineer of Mt. Gassan Asahi and ski in the spring and summer
Is wrapped in gorgeous fragrance of innumerable roses floating in bathtub; and ...

Unique bath using Sagae-shi special product, rose causes reputation.
Scene that rose floats in bath of fair skin effect feels having been contented until heart with beauty, sweet fragrance very much.

There are a variety of spa facilities including Sun return hot spring, footbath rose bath.
It is 100% natural bath flowing constantly from the source.

  • Name Sagae Onsen
  • Location Sagae-shi
  • Phone number 0237-84-2138
  • Access It is 2-10 minutes on foot from Sagae Station
    From Sagae I.C. car ten minutes
  • Contact information Sagae Onsen cooperative
  • URL
  • Remarks [characteristic]
    senon: 50.2 degrees Celsius
    Smell: None
    Color: Transparence
    [spring quality]
    Sodium - chloride, hydrogen carbonate hot spring
    Drill wound, burn, chronic dermatopathia, relieving fatigue
  • Others << careful >>
    You can enjoy rose bath in cooking inn Yoshimoto (�: 0237-84-2138), two places of Hotel symphony annex (�: 0237-83-1222). As batheable periods vary according to facilities, please refer beforehand by all means.
[Last updated] January 16, 2019
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