Ginzan Hot Springs

Ginzan Hot Springs ぎんざんおんせん
Taisho wave abusive no appearance meets
Village of Senkyo
Hot spring which moat children were known for thing which discovered that hot water sprang out in Nakazawa as spa after having prospered as one, Dewa Nobesawa Gin-zan (silver mine) of the Japan's three biggest silver mine in 1456 (504 years ago), and caught Ginzan-gawa River, and had unique atmosphere that seemed to be hot water of mountain.
We receive designation of the nation rest hot spring in November, 1968.
Footbath was established recently near entrance of hot-spring resort.

Across Ginzan-gawa River flowing calmly, wooden construction accommodation built early in the Showa era from the Taisho era links the eaves.
Evening landscape that wet stone pavement shines in in gaslight and night fog and winter snow scene are superb views.

* nishirogane View from the Bridge is recommended.
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Sodium - chloride, sulfate hot spring where flowers of sulphur that hot water was small were mixed in. Slightly rather hot hot water is recommendation in particular for woman who is troubled with poor circulation to warm to core of body.
Three public bathhouse "shirogane hot water" "rudder or hot water" and public bathhouse reservations bathhouse "feature hot water" will drop in on footbathing (free).
  • Name Ginzan Hot Springs
  • Location Ginzan, Obanazawa-shi
  • Phone number 0237-28-3933
  • Access From Oishida Station "Ginzan Hot Springs line" bus 40 minutes
  • Contact information Ginzan Hot Spring Tourist Information Center
  • URL
  • Remarks The accommodations: 12 houses
    senon: 63.8 degrees Celsius
    Smell: Hydrogen sulfide smell
    Color: Transparence
    [spring quality]
    Sodium - chloride, sulfate hot spring
    Chronic dermatopathia, chronic woman's illness, high blood pressure, neuralgia
[Last updated] June 09, 2016
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