Hanesawa Hot Springs

Hanesawa Hot Springs はねさわおんせん
It is treasure house of wild plants,
Firefly dances in riverside nearby in the summertime
When we prospected oil in 1919, hot spring gushed out.
Spring quality is alkali spring of PH8.4 of fukumishokuenju*sen and is called beautiful woman hot water because skin becomes soft and smooth. It is Geyser which is rare in the prefecture.
  • Name Hanesawa Hot Springs
  • Location Sakegawa-mura, Mogami-gun Hanesawa Hot Springs
  • Phone number 0233-55-2111
  • FAX number 0233-55-3269
  • Access Is car than Shinjo Station; 40 minutes
  • Parking lot Available
  • Contact information Sakegawa Village Tourist Association
  • URL http://sakegawa-kanko .com
  • Remarks The hot spring total number: 1
    The number of the accommodations: 3
    Accommodation capacity (group): 400
    Temperature: 47 degrees
    [spring quality]
    Neuralgia, chronic dermatopathia, wound, burn, neuralgia
[Last updated] July 22, 2015
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