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Yutagawa Onsen ゆたがわおんせん
Atmospheric hot-spring village that was surrounded in bosom of a mountain of Fri Mineyama
We are appointed in national hot spring recreation area and are called for a long time with "back room of Tsuruoka".
Ten inns among Takebayashi and Umebayashi stand and are quiet hot-spring village loved in much Bunjin Bokkaku (Writers and Artists).
Plum of Bairin Park blooms in spring, and Moso-jiru and wild plants dish removed from neighboring Takebayashi are exquisite.
It is close from center of Tsuruoka, and many tourists and bathers come from the prefecture outside.
  • Name Yutagawa Onsen
  • Location Yutagawa, Tsuruoka-shi hot spring
  • Phone number 0235-35-4111
  • Access It is 30 minutes by Yutagawa Onsen line bus from JR Tsuruoka Station
    From Tsuruoka Interchange of Yamagata Expressway: 10 min by car
    It is ten minutes by car from Nihon-kai Tohoku Expressway Tsuruoka west IC
  • Parking lot 100 lots available
  • Contact information Yutagawa Onsen tourist association
  • URL
  • Remarks Spring quality sodium, calcium, sulfate hot spring
    Effect brain neurotic disorder, eye disease, woman's illness, constipation, gout
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