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Beautiful moon-so

Substantial public space including Kura, lounge, library room, yoga room.



ND software studio dia which is home stadium of "Montedio Yamagata."


Hot water of flowers of sulphur teahouse new Court Security Office

Hot water of the source, hot water (feel and straw) of 4.6, tortoise bath (hot water of Okama).


Hot water of source seven open-air

There is "hot water of source seven open-air" full of rural beauty along the mountain stream breeding in hot spring. Large


Inn Yamato shop

Well-established inn in business for about 300 years. Refurbish, and open, inn in gallery.


Kato shop


shirogane hot water

Modern building day trip bath facility which was designed by corner Kengo


Takano hot water hot spring palace sound of boiling water in a teakettle

We can overlook Shirataka-machi from extensive large communal bath. It is pakugoru more.


Tear off; *yu

Tear off real hot spring of Nagai-shi; *yu is 100% of sources! Abundant quantity of water.



Pet in Yonezawa skiing area is big dog, cat cha from accommodation small size dog which can stay, too.


Onogawa Onsen "shishidoya inn Jurakuso"

Anyway, large communal bath, the source gravity-feed irrigation of about 1,000 L is fresh an hour.


Goshiki Onsen "sect river inn"

In open-air bath in sea of trees known as Kodakara-no-Yu Hot Springs, the north foot of Mt. Azuma-san system.


Shirabu Hot Springs "chuokubetsukanfudokaku"

gensekikuchihakufuonsenchuokubetsukanfudokakuitojokawa of 100 famous mountains in Japan Mt. Azuma-san.


Onogawa Onsen "Nikaido inn"

Quantity of water is abundant in beautiful bath, too. Please give one mat which wants to warm.


Shirabu Hot Springs "arbor inn"

Wave is abusive for 700 years, the origin of hot spring culture. We let you beat, and bath provides unchangeable accommodation.


Inn one pleasure-so

We accept group, long-term consultation.


Shirabu Hot Springs "accommodation west shop of hot water waterfall"

Accommodation which conveys healing of hot spring where old kara leads to in now. Main building of thatch roof is mark open.

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