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Yu-no-dai Hot Springs Chokai mountain cottage

Spa hotel of location preeminence among Nature Altitude 5.. of the Chokai foot of a mountain

[Sakata-shi (Yahata district)]

Tatsugayu Onsen

The doctor Watanabe small left who lived in (1806) Dofuchi-mura (Matsuyamamachi) in 1806.

[Sakata-shi (Matsuyama district)]

Kobayashi hot spring

Spa hotel which nestles in quiet valley Is in quiet valley, specialty wild plants charges.

[Sakata-shi (Hirata district)]

It is no forest hot spring aye-aye hirata leisurely

Bathhouse overlooking seasonal Shonai plains from 100m above sea level is attractive .

[Sakata-shi (Hirata district)]

Shirakawa Onsen "Shirakawa So"

Accommodation where Mt. Ide and shore are seen. It is on the foot Shirakawa shore side of Ide Mountain Range.


Hotel pine luxurious golden mansion annex

Is flowing constantly from the source, of strong acid-related sulfurous spring and weak alkali mineral spring, for each three men and women.


Kaminoyama Hot Spring

We are proud of history of hot spring castle town open hot water more than 560 years to look good with wine and yukata.


ZAO center plaza

It is located along the main street of the Zao Hot Springs center, and slope and ropeway are immediate, too.


Dainome hot spring

It is near the distribution center of hot spring Yamagata-shi that sprang out in quiet residential area.


Garyu Onsen

There is public bath of providing equipment one of the foot of Tatsuyama hot spring group one-day rest, person of neighboring villages.


Yunose Onsen

The bank of clear stream Iragawa, one accommodation in quiet among the mountains Of clear stream Iragawa.

[Tsuruoka-shi (Atsumi district)]

Yamagata uwano onsentenshin*yu

Japan which is one-day spa facility located in the halfway up a mountain which was below some Zao Hot Springs.


Oku-Oe Yanagawa Hot Springs

Sound soshitesubeteohogu of the murmuring to be fragrant, and to whisper green dazzle to of flower.


Terume-Hakuryou Healthy Hot Springs Hall

Both body and heart are refreshed Mogami River sailor's song that wants to spend hot water kkuri all day long.


Top horn hot water

Nestle in quiet plot that deviated from bustle of Higashine-shi, Yamagata center; "top horn.


Hanasaki, Sagae or hot spring yu ~ cherry

Of three is flowing constantly from the source! It is popular one-day spa facility. In each man and woman.


800 Bo hot springs

Day trip bath facility which Route 13 is along, and can go by car casually.


Numagi hot spring Tsuji-ga-hana

The amount of of new one-day spa facility ceiling having just finished opening in 2010.


Haze is hot spring

Day trip bath facility in near the Kajo Park


Futsukamachi public bathhouse

Kaminoyama Hot Spring has five places of public bathhouses, fair skin toattamarino hot water.

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