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“Odaira Onsen: Takimiya”

Open hot water of 860 years, The abode of wizards Valley beauty of Yukoku Miyama is wonderful, On foot.


Goshiki Onsen "sect river inn"

In open-air bath in sea of trees known as Kodakara-no-Yu Hot Springs, the north foot of Mt. Azuma-san system.


Shintakayu Onsen "depths Shirabu Azuma-ya inn"

One accommodation Shirabu Hot Springs nosara .. of 1,126m above sea level unexplored hot spring nestling in halfway up a mountain of Mt. Nishi Azuma


Ubayu Onsen "Masugata-ya"

Accommodation open hot water 1533 (1533).. of member of meeting superb view open-air bath protecting Japanese unexplored hot spring


Onogawa Onsen "Asahiya inn"

It is located in center of Onogawa hot-spring resort Hot spring for the source.


Onogawa Onsen "kameokumannenkaku"

We are told that accommodation Onono Komachi of atatamarino name hot water source constant flowing discovered.


Onogawa Onsen "shishidoya inn Jurakuso"

Anyway, large communal bath, source gravity-feed irrigation of approximately 1,000L is fresh an hour.


Onogawa Onsen "Kajikaso"

Onogawa Onsen which low dining table absorbed in beef and accommodation Onono Komachi biography of chartered bath are left. Source.


Hygeia Park Nanyo

August, 1992 opening. It is come up with "high dia" by Greek myth.


Japanese Inn Kogoya

We stand still for old ruins of a kiln of Nara long term and appreciate encounter relationship. Climate, wind of Yamagata.


Senkeien Tsukioka Hotel

Well-established accommodation in business for 1644 years. When it is with local sake with local cuisine using local ingredients.


Accommodation Arima building who can enjoy five hot spring chartered baths

Chartered bath of morning and evening room tool and five kinds. In bedrock bath or your jewel bath.


Zao riser Woody lodge

≪Zao Heights Bodaira district >> It is along 1,000m above sea level, Zao echo line.


Pension potato

※Pension potato finishes accommodation duties in the end of March, 2018.


Mamurokawa bairi-en Hot Spring

Redecorate bathroom entirely in accommodation December, 2012 of Yamashiro-like view, re-new a.


Oitama Hot Springs "Tama-no-Yu Hot Springs"

It is * shimasho ~ oitama on from everyday fatigue in natural hot spring of 100% of sources.



We are embraced for sky deck and flow when it is comfortable to find nature in the five senses.


See; Izumi onsenkichi* yu

We open in July, 2017! It is new one-day hot spring. With family bath.


Yunosawa hot spring "Hotel Sumire"

"Hotel Sumire," Couple who is inn for exclusive use of "two" state.


Palace Matsukaze

We can overlook Shirataka-machi from extensive large communal bath. It is pakugoru more.

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