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Oitama Hot Springs "Tama-no-Yu Hot Springs"

Oitama Hot Springs "Tama-no-Yu Hot Springs" is full-scale hot spring flowing constantly from the source. .


Odaira Onsen

Country woman lost mountains 200 years ago and received maid of Fudo-son in dream and discovered.


Semi Hot Springs

To escape from the bank of clear stream Oguni-gawa River, pursuer of Yoritomo Minamoto, towards Hiraizumi.


Yutagawa Onsen

Is appointed in national hot spring recreation area, and is called for a long time with "back room of Tsuruoka"; and now.

[Tsuruoka-shi (Tsuruoka district)]

Gohyakugawa hot spring (the Asahi-machi elderly person production activity center)

When hot spring works for "heat rash" well, it is reputation. In hall, it is PP van.


Hanesawa Hot Springs

When we prospected oil in 1919, hot spring gushed out. Spring quality is fukumishokuen.


Shirakawa Onsen "Shirakawa So"

While being on foot Shirakawa shore side of Ide Mountain Range, and being surrounded by Nature; seasonally.


Atsumi Onsen

Atmospheric hot spring resort where hot water that Atsumi Onsen is soft and sound of clear stream are comfortable. .

[Tsuruoka-shi (Atsumi district)]

It is no forest hot spring aye-aye hirata leisurely

One-day spa facility in Naka among the forest. From bathroom Shonai plains.

[Sakata-shi (Hirata district)]

"Gassan Asahi Guide Assosiation"

Gassan Shizu hot spring is strong in salt, and body warms from core and is kind to atopy.


Takahata-machi Taiyo-kan

We dig up hot spring, and, for sightseeing and the making of health of town of townsman, it is conjugated by two facilities. .


Shintakayu Onsen

Mataemon Abe discovers in 1821, and it is said that open hot water was considered to be since 1881. .


Sakurambo Higashine Onsen

Hot water of beautiful rural district viewing Mt. Gassan, Hayama, Asahidake from a distance. It is family with abundant quantity of water.


Goten health facility

There are ten kinds of baths and can take a bath with a choice of effect. yo.


Funagata Wakaayu hot spring

Hot spring which gushed out in the prefecture last in August, 1992. It is salt, sodium, mug.


Yonezawa hot spring "hot water of peace"

Large communal bath and open-air bath of 100% of self sources natural hot spring flowing constantly from the source. Large communal bath.


Terume-Hakuryou Healthy Hot Springs Hall

Mogami River sailor's song birthplace, Oe-machi, Yamagata. Is built in the Mogami River banks of a river; "Teru.


Yubunezawa Onsen

One mountain accommodation among green. Strong alkaline simple sulfur spring. Skin.


Haze is hot spring

Day trip bath facility in near the Kajo Park

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