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It is land Pompo-kan lively

Sand bath first including hapompo bath (large communal bath) on the first floor in mineral spring and the prefecture.


Tear off; garden

100% of abundant quantity of water dakarakosono sources. And we are proud of hot water good quality. horu.


Naganuma Hot Springs Poppo-no-Yu

New a re-with spring quality prefecture of open hot water's leading in 1949 in transfer, 2000.

[Tsuruoka-shi (Fujishima district)]

Gohyakugawa hot spring (the Asahi-machi elderly person production activity center)

When hot spring works for "heat rash" well, it is reputation. In hall, it is PP van.


Kawanishi hot spring Kawanishimachi Yokuyoku Center Madoka

One-day hot spring, accommodation, restaurant are the hot spring accommodations which became one. .


Goten health facility

There are ten kinds of baths and can take a bath with a choice of effect. yo.


Yunohama Onsen

Hot spring rizo where is lined with modern hotel, inns along the shore for open hot water 1,000 years.

[Tsuruoka-shi (Tsuruoka district)]


Spa facility in corner of green valley Kamuro opening in the foot of Mount Kamuro. (Fri)


Odaira Onsen

Country woman lost mountains 200 years ago and received maid of Fudo-son in dream and discovered.


Iida hot spring

It features simple bathhouse and water-clear hot water. Take a bath comfortably; and the top.


Smart breath town

nariyasuonsen which is available for day trip bath is a certain general welfare facilities.


Takahata-machi Taiyo-kan

We dig up hot spring, and, for sightseeing and the making of health of town of townsman, it is conjugated by two facilities. .


Kotera Kosen Chaoyang building

We went ahead approximately 200m through mountain trail from Asahi Peaks starting point of a mountain climb (old Teraguchi) in Oe-machi.


Hot water of flowers of sulphur teahouse new Court Security Office

Hot water of the source, hot water (feel and straw) of 4.6, tortoise bath (hot water of Okama).


Himawari Onsen Yu・la・la

Public accommodation which opened in December, 1993. Accommodation is possible, too. .


Benibana Onsen Hina-no-Yu

In hot spring which opened in June, 1999, physical inconvenient person is available, too, sauna.


Domeki hot spring

Super attamarino nichikaesa which was made midmost of the fields close to western industrial area of Yamagata-shi.


Oishida Onsen "Attamari Land Fukahori"

It gushes out in 1991. One-day spa facility, accommodation with large communal bath of area of approximately 50 tatami.


Nanohana Onsen rice paddies here and there

"Water-clear hot brine spring" and "strong hot brine spring of fuzz dark brown." Different na .. of spring quality

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