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Onogawa Onsen "Takasago shop"

Accommodation of a lot of invention using Onsen power flowing constantly from the source.


Hot water Bo ichiraku

Everywhere in hall where we feel art, and heart is healed by large communal bath full of open feeling.


Hotel symphony annex

rizo which stands along detached room, mother river, Mogami River of Yamagata Prefecture from the noise of city area.


Hotel symphony

Since Sagae Onsen open hot water, it is the founding 50 rest of life. Symphony with 38 guest rooms.


hoteruvarutoberuku of Sakaiya Mori

With Mori (Barthes) bringing up life of human being and other creatures by rich blessing.


Benibana Onsen Hina-no-Yu

In hot spring which opened in June, 1999, physical inconvenient person is available, too, sa.


Onogawa Onsen "accommodation up Fuya inn of bell"

Spa hotel of accommodation Onogawa Onsen which even elderly person, wheelchair can make family vacation into in peace.


Onogawa Onsen "kameokumannenkaku"

We are told that accommodation Onono Komachi of atatamarino name hot water source constant flowing discovered.


Hot water yamaboshi of Komachi

Easy hot spring "hot water yamaboshi of Komachi" cottage which baby puts.


Namegawa Onsen Fukushima-ya

Old-fashioned spa of Michinoku resting into untouched nature and milky-white hot water.


Beautiful moon-so

Substantial public space including Kura, lounge, library room, yoga room.



ND software studio dia which is home stadium of "Montedio Yamagata."


Hot water of flowers of sulphur teahouse new Court Security Office

Hot water of the source, hot water (feel and straw) of 4.6, tortoise bath (hot water of Okama).


Hot water of source seven open-air

There is "hot water of source seven open-air" full of rural beauty along the mountain stream breeding in hot spring. Large


Inn Yamato shop

Well-established inn in business for about 300 years. Refurbish, and open, inn in gallery.


Kato shop


shirogane hot water

Modern building day trip bath facility which was designed by corner Kengo

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