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Village of accommodation season of Zao Iwashimizu dishes

Nestle in the quiet ground which was next to Zao hot-spring resort; "village of accommodation season of Iwashimizu dishes.


itojokoyuzenshichi*yudaihei hotel

The five star gravity-feed irrigation self source and accommodation of the pet same room. Local production for local consumption mix every four seasons.


Matsuyama Hot Springs Kannonyu

Matsuyama Hot Springs Kannonyu Sakata-shi, Yamagata (former Dewa country, former Uzen country after the Meiji era.

[Sakata-shi (Matsuyama district)]

Apple hot springs

Apple made specially in town floats in bathtub; warm; hot spring Ringo Onsen.


Takahata road race meet, mahoroba marathon event

We reach 69 times in this year since the first meeting was held in 1949.



Spa facility in corner of green valley Kamuro opening in the foot of Mount Kamuro. .


Domeki hot spring

nichikaesa in scenic environment overlooking Mt. Gassan, Hayama to Zao Peaks, the north to the east.


Tsukinosawa Onsen north Mt. Gassan

"Village of mother" which becomes sense that seemed to totally come back to the parents' house The prefecture.


Onogawa Onsen "umeya inn"

It is skin tsurusube with quality of hot spring of enthusiast preference! The history of approximately 1,200 years.


Onogawa Onsen "unpleasant river shop inn"

Back room of Yonezawa Hot water of warmth that is kind to skin attamarinigoza ..


Shirabu Hot Springs "arbor inn"

Wave is abusive for 700 years, the origin of hot spring culture. We let you beat, and bath provides unchangeable accommodation.


Namegawa Onsen "Fukushima-ya"

Old-fashioned spa of Michinoku resting into untouched nature and milky-white hot water.


Onogawa Onsen "Ogiya Ryokan"

Superb view looking around dazzling garden of sunshine filtering through foliage is * shitekurerudeshi .. for heart


Onogawa Onsen "Takasago shop"

Accommodation of a lot of invention using Onsen power flowing constantly from the source.


Onogawa Onsen "inn Haruki-ya"

Bath of calm atmosphere. There is two places of woman business. Pet is night, too.


Onogawa Onsen "Nikaido inn"

Quantity of water is abundant in beautiful bath, too. Please give one mat which wants to warm.


Shirabu Hot Springs "accommodation west shop of hot water waterfall"

Accommodation which conveys healing of hot spring where old kara leads to in now. Main building of thatch roof is mark open.


Shirabu Hot Springs "chuokubetsukanfudokaku"

gensekikuchihakufuonsenchuokubetsukanfudokakuitojokawa of 100 famous mountains in Japan Mt. Azuma-san.


Shirabu Hot Springs "season of Mt. annex"

Fine-view hot spring bathhouse of accommodation Shirabu Hot Springs source disposable things flowing constantly from the source of Shirabu Hot Springs.


Onogawa Onsen "Mt. hot water forest artisan taste hermitage river"

Founding 100 years, well-established hospitality. Hot-spring ryokan of relaxation filled with warmth. .

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