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Hotel introduction of Yamagata proprietress society, member

Hotel of Yamagata proprietress society, member

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Zao Hot Springs

Zao Hot Springs which there is in halfway up a mountain of Zao Peaks, comfortable plateau in Ou Mitaka hot water.


Hijiori Onsen

All hot springs being fully exposed to effect of various hot springs in bath flowing constantly from the source.


Sagae Onsen

Is wrapped in gorgeous fragrance of innumerable roses floating in bathtub; and ... .


Shirabu Hot Springs

Inn of classic roof of thatch nestles and says open hot water to hot-spring resort for Kamakura last years.


Atsumi Onsen

Atmospheric hot spring resort where hot water that Atsumi Onsen is soft and sound of clear stream are comfortable. .

[Tsuruoka-shi (Atsumi district)]

Yutagawa Onsen

Is appointed in national hot spring recreation area, and is called for a long time with "back room of Tsuruoka"; and now.

[Tsuruoka-shi (Tsuruoka district)]

Sakurambo Higashine Onsen

Hot water of beautiful rural district viewing Mt. Gassan, Hayama, Asahidake from a distance. It is family with abundant quantity of water.


Zao riser Woody lodge

≪Zao Heights Bodaira district >> It is along 1,000m above sea level, Zao echo line! ki.


Onogawa Onsen

Open-air bath Establishment free near entrance of hot-spring resort "footbath" in firefly Park. .


Ubayu Hot Springs

Endo Ouchi Kura of Osawa discovers in 1533 (Tenbun 2); and one hotel "Masugata-ya."


Numagi hot spring Tsuji-ga-hana

Expensive washing space large communal bath with of ceiling, outdoor bath with roof are equipped with sauna.


Mamurokawa bairi-en Hot Spring

We redecorated bathroom entirely in December, 2012 and were reopened.


Field hot spring Sakata-ya Inn of hot water

Even if hot spring sprang out by major earthquake of 1804 (18,044 years); of this major earthquake.


Tendo Hot Springs

Open hot water is 1911. Ideyu Hot Springs blends with shogi piece of special product; and unique zero.


"Gassan Asahi Guide Assosiation"

Gassan Shizu hot spring is strong in salt, and body warms from core and is kind to atopy.


Oitama Hot Springs "Tama-no-Yu Hot Springs"

Oitama Hot Springs "Tama-no-Yu Hot Springs" is full-scale hot spring flowing constantly from the source. .


Awanoyu Onsen Miyoshi Zhuang

It is near the Mt. Ide starting point of a mountain climb and is a few precious hot springs carbonate in Japan. .


Namegawa Hot Springs

Let verge foot crossing the upper reaches of this nearby Maekawa slide, and squire Shigeru Saito tuft of Osawa falls down.


Kaminoyama Hot Spring (Shin-Yu, Yumachi, Tokamachi, Hayama, Takamatsu, Kawasaki)

Kaminoyama Hot Spring Hot-spring resort full of travel emotions strolls around with clogs and yukata.


Akakura Onsen

Jikaku Daishi finds Akakura Onsen of quiet, simple atmosphere in the middle of countries pilgrimage.

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