Carpet じゅうたん
Engineers were invited in 1935 from China and their technique was passed on. Oriental Carpet Mills, Ltd. was established in 1946, and this production area was formed after subcontract companies gathered in the region.
80% of amount of production was exported, and delivery of goods to Vatican determined the fame in those days.
"Fabric painting" is an artistic craftwork of woven picture patterns, made with dyed yarns from spun wool and is for wall hanging. The technique of handwoven carpet is applied for "Tachike-ori (Pile textile-like) and so it requires high skills and great sense of work to express delicate touch and subtle differences in colors.
Most of the products are not exported now.
  • Name Carpet
  • Location Oaza, Yamanobe-machi, Higashimurayama-gun Yamanobe 21
  • Phone number 023-664-5811 (main)
  • FAX number 023-665-7513
  • Access From Uzen-Yamabe Station a 5-minute walk
  • Contact information Oriental Carpet Mills
  • URL
[Last updated] November 03, 2015
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