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Shirataka pongee しらたかつむぎ
"Cloth with splashed pattern of northern limit" minute, simple texture
 We colonized as local industry by Uesugi Lord Yozan approximately 300 years ago.
 Only several millimeters of one which forms pattern while letting small design pick quarrel complicatedly features carapace of a turtle, cross of 300 in dyed pattern and person width of cloth with splashed pattern by dyeing with wooden plates.
 In March, 1976, it was detected as "traditional industrial art object" of Minister of International Trade and Industry designation as "Okitama pongee".
  • Name Shirataka pongee
  • Location Shirataka-machi, Nishiokitama-gun larger section of a village Ten Kings of Hades 2200
  • Phone number 0238-85-2032
  • FAX number 0238-85-2032
  • Access It is approximately nine minutes by car from Flower Nagai Line Arato Station
  • Contact information Home pongee of Yonezawa textile industry cooperative (Komatsu textile studio)
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