How to use My Trip

My Trip / how to use

With My Trip
At Trip to Yamagata, we introduce you to sightseeing spots, gourmets, events and hot spring resorts
With a choice of Events, hot spring resort
We can make original trip Courses.
As trip to spot is displayed at the same time by Google map,
We can assemble plan of trip freely.

※My Trip,
  It does not support versions less than Internet Explorer6.
  Check the "User Guide" for the recommended browsers.

Flow of My Trip making
(1) We register with button "adding each sightseeing information to My Trip"

(2) We make "My Trip" from registered sightseeing information

(3) We perform confirmation and recombination of trip and make favorite plan

(4) Completion of original plan!
  We print, and let's go out in Trip to Yamagata!

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