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Takahata Town Tourist Association

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"Country nomahoroba coleseed bloomed, and Okitama saw the Shigeru Wakaba rite snowy mountains, and poet, Aisoka Yuki whom Yamagata produced wrote with yu".
History of Takahata located in the eastern part of Yamagata Prefecture Okitama district can sail up until 10,000 years ago including the sun cave where earthenware vessel for days of creation was discovered in Jomon. And, in the old burial mound group spreading out in the whole area in the town block, people settle in this ground, and it is the best proof of having gradually formed village.
There is much fruit, and, in here that is full of the soil, Sankurambo, grape, apple, most things including la France are produced other than rice growing.
In addition, as for the appearance to be endowed with huge rock of tufa of our district characteristic that figure of a mountain to go down, and to do of nature is seen in Birusawa and the Kannon rock, and to rise, it is right scenery appropriate for "mahorobano village".
※With "mahoroba," it is will of "livable place that the neighborhood is level ground among the mountains, and is full of crops"


Takahata Town Tourist Association
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