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Asahi-machi tourist association

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 Asahi-machi, Yamagata is quiet town of approximately 8,000 population to be located in middle western district of Yamagata Prefecture. "Village of apple and wine" is catch phrase. As for "Tanada of sawarahei," a lot of 100 selections of Japanese Tanada "Kuki Shrine" which is unique in the world the highlight brought up by Nature "floating island of Onuma" marsh mysterious magnificent "Mt. Oasahidake".
 However, we think that it may be "person" to be able to be proud of me most. We are slightly shy, but there are many warmhearted people. It makes weak point to express it.
 Come to Asahi-machi to look for "something" which we forgot in everyday life. Even if there is little your search, we place various information in this site to be found early. We are looking forward to being able to meet you. 

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