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Trip to Yamagata

Matsutake mushroom picking information 1

Matsutake mushroom picking information 1: Image

Art of Mt. locust matsutake mushroom Yamairi

Clothes and personal effects…
 1.Hat, long sleeves, pants, work gloves, wearing of boots are desirable.
 2.hakego (container to put mushroom in. Beginner OK's even convenience store bag!)
 3.Drink (mountain climbing is hard labor unexpectedly. We considerably sweat.)
4.Protecting against insects spray (we recommend that we spray before climbing a mountain a little too much)
 5.Bear bell (there is method to broadcast radio by the VOL size grain) which is
 6.Rucksack (carry accessories such as snacks, drink, protecting against insects spray in a lump and we keep off bear and can hang bell)
※Clothes, personal effects are an example.
Please evaluate by self-responsibility respectively.

Climbing a mountain is OK if we pay admission fee to a temple to Administration tower

Art (product for beginners) of climbing a mountain

1.We climb from red two-pole banner of "forest fire attention".

2.We will climb along ridge when we climb way.
  The first method not to be captivated by climbs along ridge, and descend a mountain along ridge.
3.Pine wood comes up when we climb for a while.
It returns to 10m, ridge to the right from ridge around ridge to have to be careful here, and do not leave ridge to say 10m to the left.
4.When exceed high pressure steel tower to see from ridge, Fukushima!
  You are blinded by matsutake mushroom, and do not go deeply.
5.Weather of mountain is variable, and descend a mountain early because you are early at dusk without overdoing it.

Promise at the time of climbing a mountain…

1.Take garbage home with you by all means.
In addition, thing cannot enter place that pockets are easy to drop as we may drop thing before we know.
2.We would like restroom before climbing a mountain by all means.
3.Fire is strict prohibition.
4.Of sickle, earth surface cut by grass cuts and the ground more than required please do not perform digging up.
5.Place surrounded with plastic tape is crowd of other people. (defense mountain)
  Please never enter land of another person.
6.Climbing a mountain time is from 5:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
7.Iriyama of person worried about physical condition side is not expected.

It leads to matsutake mushroom growth after the next fiscal year not to disturb environment of matsutake mushroom mountain.


The most important thing coming back safely.
We do not overdo it very much, and let's begin with place to learn mountain. (we learn rows of Thu when we climb several times and can expect on the next time if matsutake mushroom is found)
If it learns one mountain, it is art not to hesitate about to enlarge distance and place little by little.

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