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Bellboy Sine walk "Keiji ~ Yonezawa degree of leaning strangeness circulation ~ of flower" start!

Bellboy Sine walk "Keiji ~ Yonezawa degree of leaning strangeness circulation ~ of flower" start! : Image

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Bellboy Sine walk "visiting Keiji ~ Yonezawa degree of leaning strangeness ~ of flower"
New town walk with being invited to voice
Sound attraction iza of new sense! We do not go round Yonezawa!
We start on November 6!
For more details, please see exclusive page.
We can accept Web smoothly beforehand when we have you make a reservation.

・Keiji novelty present of flower which is original as participation privilege!

Of comics "far away of Keiji cloud of flower", with character, is experience around sacred place for Keiji Maeda by the latest sound attraction.

Place of Yonezawa of later years of Keiji Maeda and Uesugi Shrine are the ground of the famous military commanders birth said to inherit soul of Kenshin Uesugi.

Yoshimitsu Domori temple, Keiji Shimizu, Uesugi Shrine
It is sound attraction around castle town Yonezawa of Uesugi which Keiji ran through.

It is Keiji Maeda man who continued being loved while it is long of 400 years.
Comics "far away of Keiji cloud of flower" by masterpiece, Tetsuo Hara of way of life and way of life as strong "Han" to enjoy that we love freedom and expose danger to the positions.
We got many Japanese hearts and embodied image of new Japanese heroes.



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The flyer back side: Image

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