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Itinerary contest result announcement

Itinerary contest result announcement: Image

In "you intended to go, too "Okitama" itinerary contest" that held in Yamagata Okitama sightseeing meeting of lot thank you for the application.

Thanks to you, attractive sightseeing spot and experience of Okitama area attracted wonderful itineraries that put original story together.

As a result of having examined about work which had you apply, it is as follows.

In addition, content of entry including prize winner is going to inflect for future measures.

(1) Application total number 67 work

(2) Examination result (excellent work 5 work)

〇 "Stylish women's trip of instagenic in Okitama" (2 days and 1 night movement: rent-a-car): sakkusan

Yonezawa Station → All and Nagai of Roadside Station river → Lake 100 long autumns (we thoroughly enjoy three deep waters Valley of superb view by boat touring) → Old Nagai Elementary School first school building (in retro cafe lunch) → The third-floor waterfall (we get power from mysterious the third-floor waterfall in Nagai-shi) → Throw village (we stay at hotel of resort outdoor-style of Hagyu, Iide-machi) → The sum garden, Uesugi Shrine (we do dressing experience of kimono of Yonezawa textile and take a walk through the same Uesugi Shrine) → Cafe laboratory (in fashion cafe of Yonezawa lunch) → Yamato shop (we make only tonbo dama in commemoration of trip together in the world) → Yonezawa Station


〇 「The exploration is with boat! Okitama cherry tree corridor greed cherry blossom viewing cycling (one-day movement: bicycle): kobugisan

All and Nagai of Roadside Station river → Kubo zakura (while seeing Kubo zakura breakfast) → Lake 100 long autumns (we admire wild cherry tree by boat touring) → Visiting Okitama cherry tree corridors (it is parking lot traffic jam-free and enjoys great gracious god zakura ~ Yakushi zakura of Kusaoka) → Dungarees (in hideaway cafe in Nagai-shi early dinner of ethnic curry) → All and Nagai of Roadside Station river


〇 "Okitama Date stiffness Dole plan" (3 days and 2 nights movement: privately-owned car): hidechansan

Roadside Station Yonezawa → Tower house traces in Takahata-machi → Akayu Onsen (night) → Tower house trace in Nanyo-shi → Tower house trace in Shirataka-machi → Tower house trace in Nagai-shi → Tower house trace in Kawanishi-machi → Narushima Hachiman shrine → Onogawa Onsen (night) → Tower house trace in Yonezawa-shi → Roadside Station Yonezawa


〇 "guruttohokkori Onogawa date plan" (2 days and 1 night movement: bus): Snowball

Yonezawa Station → Sato stock raising (we purchase specialty croquette and steamed meat bun at butcher shop of the station square) → River Park (we take a short break in Park of Onogawa Onsen entrance) → One of the zodiac signs god of wealth (we experience worship and the making of copying of a sutra, arm string of beads) → Kajikaso (night) → Reed (we spend leisurely elegant time with wonderful view and sweets of specialty of Onogawa in footbath) → Yonezawa Station of Iwase store (we experience the Onogawa Onsen noted product "radium egg" using regional egg making of) → Maruta-ya (after having done 31-syllable Japanese poem reading experience, we purchase Gifts) → Kamakura-mura (in Kamakura lunch of home delivery of cooked foods) → Sato tofu maker (we purchase dessert using popular soybean milk) → flocculus


〇 "Matchmaking prayer (get and back in a day) in Okitama" (movement: rent-a-car): Okitama excellent cousin 1 degree is san visit

Akayu Station → Seishi Kannon (love grows when we hit Seishi Kannon detogetogenogombono fruit of Takahata-machi on person of heart) → Showa, Takahata-machi matchmaking street mall (we look for eight stone statues of "Tama-chan". In particular to the Kannon with "Tama-chan of encounter" matchmaking ask) → Salt end (lunch of salt ramen which is popular in Takahata-machi) → Iris Park (we tie up ribbon with "matchmaking bridge") → Kumano Shrine (search for three rabbits) → Marl, en (we eat doughnut and gelato at store before Kumano Shrine) → Akayu Station

※You can see detailed contents including episode of imagination when we click work name.

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