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About "Okitama new model corona security, reliable hospitality declaration" (declaration facility addition)

About "Okitama new model corona security, reliable hospitality declaration" (declaration facility addition): Image

Among sightseeing calling facility, we push forward approach of "Okitama new model corona security, relief hospitality declaration" to add to "preventive measures against infection", and to work on original "hospitality" to have customer see the sights of Okitama area in Yamagata Okitama sightseeing meeting in peace.

We utilize this homepage or SNS and will publicize hospitality of declaration facility or seasonal recommended information widely in future.

We look forward to by much "hospitality" to refresh your corona fatigue, and to be able to enjoy. Come to sightseeing in peace in Okitama area.


<declaration facility> 28 provides equipment as of August 20

Yonezawa-shi Uesugi Joshien Earl Uesugi's house Sake brewery of brewing museum Toko

    Roadside Station Tazawa Roadside Station Yonezawa

Nagai-shi Old Nagai Elementary School first school building Nogawa learns; hall Tear off; garden 

    All and Nagai of Flower Nagai Line Nagai Station Roadside Station river

nanyoshikumayadaisha*makotoden 6 dining 

    Hygeia Park Nanyo Flower Nagai Line Miyauchi Station  

    yunabikarakoro building 

Takahata-machi Takahata Winery The Hirosuke Hamada Memorial Takahata Roadside Station

    Yoneori Center  

Play Kawanishi-machi or crocodile; Marche of Mori

Oguni-machi Mizu-no-Sato Community Center restaurant firefly

Shirataka-machi Italian food SIATTACA Shirataka-cho Tourist Association Arato Station stand

    Cannot talk; or palace sound of boiling water in a teakettle Roadside Station Shirataka Yana Park 

Iide-machi Hotel slow village Roadside Station Iide


<declaration method>

Declaration facility recruits at any time, too. As for the declaration method, please see this.



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