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[Shirataka-machi] Announcement of hokkori Farm "strawberry saxifrage cabbage crop experience" cancellation

[Shirataka-machi] Announcement of hokkori Farm "strawberry saxifrage cabbage crop experience" cancellation: Image

(2020/2/20 update)

[announcement of cancellation]

[Shirataka-machi hokkori Farm X maipure Nagai, Nishiokitama X Yamagata Arcadia tourist bureau]

hokkori Farm "strawberry saxifrage cabbage crop experience"


Under the influence of lack of snow few in usual,

We should cancel "strawberry saxifrage cabbage crop experience" that we planned this year.


We have you apply, and I apologize to customers who had you look forward to for the inconvenience very much.


It was the first plan, but wants to push forward preparations this year to hold again next year.



Niino of representative of hokkori Farm,

"We want to feel farmhouse and distance of consumers nearer!

We want to convey pleasure of taste and agriculture of vegetables, full ripeness vegetables having just finished being produced!"

This plan was planned by hot thought called this.


hokkori Farm produces cabbage and carrots in main with Japanese mustard spinach.

Delicious dishes method that producer oneself recommends is sending positively!

As it is uploaded in detail on this page of maipure Nagai, Nishiokitama, please see by all means.


Delicious vegetables of hokkori Farm

"doriimu Farm direct sale place" of Shirataka-machi fills up supermarket and I hate and can purchase!

When you come to Okitama, Shirataka, please appreciate!

hokkori Farm Facebook

・hokkori Farm Instagram


We had you cooperate

[maipure Nagai, Nishiokitama] san

A lot of delightful delicious, advantageous information of Nagai, Nishiokitama appears♪



(2020/1/10 update)

※Under the influence of lack of snow, we should cancel time of Sunday, January 26.

We plan holding in schedule after Sunday, February 9 while hoping that it snows!

We look forward to many applications!

Application from this!



With "hokkori Farm" of Shirataka-machi, Yamagata noama ~ i strawberry saxifrage cabbage, it is sharing of a gift for hokkori happiness!

As temperature lets you grow up in constant snow slowly, it is sweet, and cabbage of parippari is completed.

Special cabbage only for this time when wisdom of farmers of snowy district was jam-packed.


With cabbage covered to strawberry saxifrage, we dig snow by oneself and are experience that we find out and harvest!


By having you perform experience to dig snow by oneself, and to harvest, cabbage is sure to get that we feel more deliciously!


If crop experience is over, please have hokkori Farm homemade "pot-au-feu of strawberry saxifrage cabbage".

Please hear delicious how to eat cabbage from producer!


★SNS share privilege★

We present "strawberry saxifrage carrot" to person who posted this experience on your SNS!

#You put hokkori Farm Shirataka, and please share more and more♪


[plan information]
■Schedule     Sunday, January 26, 2020, Sunday, February 9, Sunday, February 23, Saturday, March 7
■Night number     Get and back in a day
■Tour costs    1,500 yen (tax-included)/person
■Guide     Available (hokkori noenshinyaeiiku)
■Six smallest operation staff
■Capacity      30 people
■One 2 ball which we take away. I hand thing which I harvested beforehand when I cannot harvest before time.
■Meeting place    9:50 "Shirataka Higashine district community center" 〒 992-0841 6798, Kurofuji, Shirataka-machi
※If acceptance is completed at meeting place, we move respectively to field. The staff will lead (by car about two minutes).
■Clothes, belonging
・Come in heavy winter clothing-proof (skiwear recommends), gloves of top and bottom, warm clothes including hat.
・Come with boots.
・As it becomes crop experience, come in clothes which may become dirty. When there are towel and change of clothes, it is convenient.

Application, Details from this!


The latest information of hokkori Farm

Please confirm page of maipure Nagai, Nishiokitama!


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