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Trip to Yamagata

Approach of barrier-free sightseeing in Yamagata delivers in "NHK_WORLD/Journeys in Japan"!

Approach of barrier-free sightseeing in Yamagata will be broadcasted by program called "NHK_WORLD/Journeys in Japan" in the whole world!

Broadcast content
The stage of this trip is Nanyo-shi, Yamagata. Akayu Onsen of scenery and open hot water 920 years of extensive Okitama basin. We are known as village of wine, and in late years we put up town, and barrier-free of sightseeing stimulates becoming.

Ryoko Nakajima Ryoko Nakajima who main character sends wheelchair life, and is active, and plays an active part as influencer. It is challenge to paraglider which we visit Nanyo with Fujisaki Michel who is entertainer of the part of fellow, and large air travel can enjoy in people of wheelchair. Besides, to hear folktale of professional reciter, we experience popular fruit nomogitorio and enjoy autumn Yamagata.

On airdate
[overseas broadcasting]
Channel of Tuesday, December 3 ~ order next broadcast NHK WORLD of the world
[domestic broadcast]
Wednesday, December 4 NHK BS1 14:00 ~
(as for the rebroadcast Sunday, December 8 16:30 ~)


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