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★Mogami-machi Shinsoba Festival!

★Mogami-machi Shinsoba Festival! : Image

Meal uzo Shinsoba! Line gube Akakura!

The seventh "Mogami-machi Shinsoba Festival" holding!

<Date and Time> Sunday, November 17 10:00-14:00
Venue: We see Akakura Onsen hot water Topia (2344, Tomizawa, Mogami-machi)
[parking lot] Akakura Onsen skiing area parking lot (shuttle bus pickup and drop-off)
       ※There is not parking lot to see hot water Topia.
        Parking lot becomes only Akakura Onsen skiing area.


[under ticketing one cup of (Teuchi soba ticket)]
  You can choose one of hot soba, the Itasoba.
 Reservation ticket: 500 yen (we sell in Mogami-machi Sangyo Shinko Center until Friday, November 15)
 ★Ticket at the Gate: 600 yen (we sell at venue reception desk)


Contact 0233-43-2340 Mogami-machi Sangyo Shinko Center

 ※In reservation time over telephone, it becomes 10:00-16:00 except Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.
  We finish sale as soon as we reach reservation volume. We cannot refund ticket which he/she purchased once.
 ●Downloading of flyer is this


Shinsoba Festival
Shinsoba Festival


 It was great popularity, season of "Shinsoba Festival" every year.
 Side using "Mogami early crop" (mogamiwase) from Mogami-machi,
 Fragrance is high, and the feature is that sweetness, koshiga are strong.
 Please thoroughly enjoy taste of Mogami at this opportunity; (^^)
 We take reservation ticket on the telephone.

 10:00 ~ Teuchi soba offer

 You can choose hot soba, one of the Itasoba.

 10:00 ~ making soba demonstration

 We can observe the skill of expert making soba.
 Please feel free to look around.


 10:30 ~ Soba Making Experience

It is everybody of making soba lover "meeting of Mogami premature delivery" that tells  making soba.
 (please apply to ten limitation, participation fee 1,000 yen 11/15. We accept as soon as it becomes capacity and are finished.)


 It is 00 ~ Mogami-machi historical picture scroll presentation 00 ~ �12 �11

 Short play of Mogami-machi historical picture scroll by "village guide of Ideyu Hot Springs and clear stream" Mogami-machi volunteer guide.


 mmaimoniimon city

 As for product or the special product of Mogami-machi in connection with side,
 Articles to be able to fully enjoy with Shinsoba are prepared.
 Fried chicken or crepe open a store, too.
 In addition, please enjoy as you carry out eating and drinking sale out of venue!


Soba Making Experience

Soba Making Experience

mmaimoniimon city

mmaimoniimon city

mogami hot-spring village Akakura Onsen special plan
 Day trip bath normal 500 yen 300 yen in Akakura Onsen inn!
It can be used by the ticket stub presentation of "Shinsoba Festival".
 For more details, we will tell in venue.
 Homepage of Akakura Onsen is this place

◆There is advantageous tour ticket!

We see Shonai, and this ticket is ticket which is advantageous with convenience that can make a round trip of six places of area.
As you are divided according to areas, you can use at favorite spot in favorite season.
Detailed information of ticket is this.

See Shonai; tour ticket

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