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Trip to Yamagata

★We see Shonai and release tour ticket

At spot favorite in favorite season!


"Oku-no hosomichi travelogue 330 years memory"
 See Shonai; 330 sets of tour ticket-limited!


 It releases at description of ~ bottom sale place on Thursday, August 1 and starts

  Tour ticket


[tour spot six places]
 ●Hagurosan    ": inside particularly visit Five Storeyed Pagoda" ": treasured Buddhist statue visit ceremony"
 ●The Mogami barge descent "ship descent embarkation"
 ●mogami hot-spring village ": Akakura Onsen, Semi Hot Springs, Ohori hot spring day trip bath"

A total of 4,750 yen share 3,300 yen (1,450 yen discount!)

●Downloading of flyer is this


We see Shonai, and this ticket is ticket which is advantageous with convenience that can make a round trip of six places of area.
As you are divided according to areas, you can use at favorite spot in favorite season.
We prepared for 330 sets, 3,300 yen for Oku-no hosomichi travelogue 330 years.
Please use at this opportunity. (we sell as soon as it disappears and are finished)


※You can get "commemorative seal" by "reception desk seal" and exchange at each tour spot.
 Time will all attract "commemorative seals" (^^)! 


  [sale place] Mt. Haguro-san mountaintop gathering (Tsuruoka-shi)
        Mogami barge descent Tozawa feudal clan ship guard station (Tozawa-mura)
        mogami hot-spring village Semi, Ohori, Akakura Onsen support inn (Mogami-machi)
[sales price] 3,300 yen (we usually sell with the place special price of a total of 4,750 yen)
[sales figures] 330 sets (we sell as soon as it disappears and are finished)
[the use facility] Mt. Haguro-san "Five Storeyed Pagoda internal special visit" "ceremony treasured Buddhist statue visit"
      Mogami barge descent
      mogami hot-spring village "day trip bath" Akakura Onsen, Semi Hot Springs, Ohori hot spring
        It is 6 spots of this
[expiration date] Monday, March 30, 2020
      ※Mt. Haguro-san until Saturday, November 30. After that it is available in "mogami hot-spring village"
[the conduct system] <Host> Mogami-machi tourist association
      The support: Yamagata sightseeing campaign promotion meeting, Mogami regional sightseeing meeting
      Cooperation: Dewasanzan shrine, Mogami-kyo Basho Line Tourist Corporation
         Akakura Onsen tourist association inn sectional meeting, Semi Hot Springs Hotel Association, Ohori hot spring
Contact Mogami-machi tourist association 0233-43-2233 (weekdays 8:30-17:15)


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