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The 21st Tamaniwa young bird circulation guidance

The 21st Tamaniwa young bird circulation guidance: Image

The 21st Tamaniwa young bird circulation

       From Saturday, March 23, 2019 to 24th Sunday

          Appreciation time: 9:00-15:30

       (reception hours: 9:00-14:00)

         6708-5, Tamaniwa, Kawanishicho

(each site in Tamaniwa young bird circulation executive committee other Tamaniwa district)

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It is guide of [Tamaniwa young bird circulation] to be carried out in Tamaniwa, Kawanishi-machi district.


Tamaniwa, Kawanishi-machi district that is located at the southernmost tip of Yamagata Prefecture.

Among the mountains, the U.S. making of in clear stream of Mt. Ide is prosperous,

It is beautiful mountain village among rich nature.


In this district, it was area where a lot of family with samurai antecedents of Yonezawa feudal clan had ever lived in.

In the case of duty in Edo and Kyoto, samurais know hina culture,

As Gifts of family, we bought hina doll (Kyoho Hina Doll, Kokin Hina Doll) and took to go.

 Hina dolls are inherited as treasure of house carefully from generation to generation,

While showing to each other between neighborhoods at time of the Girl's Festival,

Culture to enjoy doll still remains.




By "Tamaniwa young bird circulation,"

We display treasured hina doll to several houses including private house in district gorgeously,

It is valuable opportunity when we can have customer appreciate over the houses.


 Hand arrives; not only can appreciate doll close, but also,

Local cuisine which used wild plants in front of doll abundantly to tea cake,

We have you enjoy local volunteer hospitality and,

Events which we put our ingenuity in in welcome drum performance by local primary schoolchild and each venue

We raise area and enliven "Tamaniwa young bird circulation".



[safe-conduct ticket (Tamaniwa young bird circulation cooperation costs) sale]

※With hospitality of local cuisine


The public on that day: 1,500 yen/primary and secondary student: 500 yen



It circulates around through Tamaniwa district about 30km.

Please come by privately-owned car or rent-a-car taxi.


※From Tohoku Expressway Yonezawa center IC 45 minutes

※We transfer at Yamagata Shinkansen (or JR Ou Main Line) Yonezawa Station

 Is car than JR Yonesaka Line Uzen-Komatsu Station; 20 minutes (to reception desk venue)



+++ +++ which rotates in jumbo taxi departing from and arriving at Yonezawa Station

+++    Tamaniwa Hina doll exhibition        +++

Without worrying about traffic,

 Plan to be able to enjoy Tamaniwa young bird circulation in peace.

From Yonezawa Station (9:00 or 10:00) → Tamaniwa Hina doll exhibition → Arrival at Yonezawa Station (17:00)

We prepare for jumbo taxi for exclusive use of customer that this plan was reserved.

Admission Adult 6,000 yen/primary and secondary student 5,000 yen (it includes hina circulation rate, lunch charges)

Reservation is necessary.

For more information about capacity, the offer deadline, plan contents

Please contact Tamaniwa young bird circulation executive committee.

[trip plan, conduct] Travel plan (2-2-8, Kanaike, Yonezawa-shi, Yamagata)

+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ 


[the 21st Tamaniwa young bird circulation] Inquiry and question that we are assigned to this 

Tamaniwa young bird circulation executive committee: TEL 0238-48-2130

Tamaniwa young bird circulation executive committee HP 

You pass, and please refer.

















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