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Trip to Yamagata

Spikes appear on television! & [Kendama challenge PR video] exhibition

Spikes appear on television! & [Kendama challenge PR video] exhibition: Image

Information program which is broadcasted after "morning gong" of NHK
asa ichi
Kendama open space spikes exit by live broadcast in that!
[broadcast content]
Program name: asa ichi "outing LIVE" (NHK synthesis)
The broadcast date and time: Wednesday, March 20 around 9:20
Official homepage
(on account of the program, some contents may be changed)
See by all means; teogoyai♪
In addition, you can see state of broadcast freely!
Person having "my Kendama" has by all means, and come.
[viewing one desired]
The meeting time: Wednesday, March 20 9:00 (come without being late)
<Location> Kendama open space spikes
(3-5, Sakaemachi, Nagai-shi)
When you come by car, please use Nagai citizen parking lot.
[Kendama challenge PR video]
It was held on March 9
Nagai Kendama exchange meeting 2019



It became the first public exhibition in that

Kendama challenge PR video

What is Kendama challenge? Person who said this must see it!

We are actually introduced with state challenging clearly.

Curious video is exhibited in YouTube!

We actually know state of challenge

Long version

What is Kendama challenge? But, it was explained

Short version

Look at both by all means, and is ko tteogoyai in challenge to downtown!


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