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Nagai Kendama exchange meeting 2019

  • Nagai Kendama exchange meeting 2019
  • Nagai Kendama exchange meeting 2019

Nagai Kendama exchange meeting 2019
Events representing hometown of Kendama is held this year!
Let's swell on day when is full of Kendama!
The holding date and time: Saturday, March 9, 2019
Venue: TASS Park Hotel 2F banquet hall
No charge for admission
Kendama king deciding match participant 500 yen

Contents of the day
A Kendama king deciding match
(transformation, race against time using irregularity Kendama)
※Is ability that is higher than association of Japanese Kendama first class degree necessary?

※40 capacity, pivot application (the March 6 deadline), entrance fee 500 yen
※On the day rule is announced
Game with impromptu team
(game with impromptu team of player who is in venue)
※Application is not necessary, and entrance fee is free
kyu, grade authorization society
Kendama official approval
※Application is not necessary
Kendama experience corner
Kendama deko experience corner

Experience charges are caused separately

Application, reference
Application for Kendama king deciding match method
We would like from the following
From hometown project Facebook page of � Kendama application by message
It is application by telephone communication for carrying of � spikes
It is direct mail to INSTAGRAM of � spikes
Application by �
The requirements
Full name, contact information, the present address (to the municipalities) of the day
Capacity is 40 people on March 6 in deadline for application for Kendama king deciding match.
As various prizes are prepared, please come and join.
Sunday, March 10, the following day is Kendama exchange meeting extra time
dengyoku does in Roadside Station!
With dengyoku
It is the world's first smart Kendama which can judge the skill that user performed by three kinds of sensors which it integrated into the body.
We can enjoy various contents such as exercise and official approval of Kendama, play between players or mini-game by being connected in exclusive application and Bluetooth of smartphone.
Definitely…mirainoken balldengyoku
For more details, please see DENDAMA (dengyoku) homepage.
"Kendama entertainer kozorofu" comes up from � dengyoku!
Other than introduction of dengyoku and attractive PR
We hold performance announcement or real battle experience.
It is play binikiteogoyai in total by all means with Kendama exchange meeting!


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