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Trip to Yamagata

Hot spring trip (2 days and 1 night) that Onono Komachi loved by Shinkansen from Tokyo for two hours

  • JR Yonezawa Station

    Entry of line: Yamagata Shinkansen, Ou Main Line, Yonesaka Line

    It is eight minutes by bus         It is 30 minutes on foot


    Uesugi Jinja Shrine

    We erect hero, Kenshin Uesugi, Yozan Uesugi of war-torn country to the Yonezawa Shiromoto-maru trace as enshrined deity in 1876. There is keishoden storing a lot of cultural assets related to Uesugi in the precincts. We are known as venue of Yonezawa Uesugi Festival, Uesugi garden lantern made of snow Festival and are famous spot for its cherry blossoms.

    It is 17 minutes on foot


    Kasugasan Rinsenji temple

    Linden tree of person of Uesugi, Kanetsugu Naoe. There are back room and shikoka of person of Uesugi, cemetery of many vassals.

    It is 23 minutes on foot


    Uesugi-ke Byosho [Mausoleum of Uesugi Family]

    It is cemetery with corpse of Prince Kenshin Uesugi. Joss house of each generation feudal lord stands in a row orderly in cedar grove, and the burial ground is filled with atmospheres that Mori is stern.

    It is two minutes on foot


    Hall which is heated where dyeing and weaving studio is heated

    Dyeing and weaving studio of Yonezawa textile proud of history of 200 years. We have a handwoven experience and can buy Safflower Dyeing experience (pay) and visit to gallery of 30 tsubos.

    It is 13 minutes by bus


    Onogawa Onsen (accommodation)

    The suburbs of Yonezawa-shi, hot spring boasting calm taste full of nature along ogre Mengawa (omonogawa). Onono Komachi who fell illness approximately 1,200 years ago soaks in this hot spring, and illness is cured and is said to be from legend that was reborn as matchless beautiful woman [Bijin-no-Yu Hot Springs]. It is excellent hot water which Prince Masamune Date and lord of each generation Uesugi loved deeply.

  • Way of enjoying on the next day

    [fun Events of Onogawa Onsen noted product season]
    ●Please have delicious Yonezawa ramen in winter in [Kamakura-mura].
    In the summer [firefly appreciation] [Tambo Art appreciation]

    It is ten minutes on foot


    One of the zodiac signs god of wealth Motoyama

    It is Japanese only Motoyama worshiping one of the zodiac signs god of wealth (kinoenedaikokuten) of Kobo Daishi (Kukai) product. It is on hill which can overlook Onogawa Onsen, and seasonal scenery is superb view. It is got close as god of wealth of kaiummanekifuku, business prosperity, and shrine can have you visit all year.
    Experience-based menu: 30 minutes 2,000 yen made with arm string of beads
    Copying of a sutra: 1,000 yen

    It is six minutes on foot

  • Onogawa Onsen bus stop

    It is 25 minutes by bus

  • JR Yonezawa Station


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