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Trip to Yamagata

Folkcraft in Yamagata-shi circulation rou 3 (get and back in a day)

The bus time from Yamagata Station is sightseeing Courses of morning 8:53 assumption.
As bus stop is ride from the other side, transfer at Bihata-cho bus stop, please be careful.
We think that you may use rental cycle from Yamagata Station in autumn season from spring.
Please go without forgetting as visit needs reservation.

・Lunch thinks that it is good to finish around around Bihata-cho bus stop and Saito wooden box Seisakusho on seeing time.
・When ride of bus is uneasy, ask tourist information center in front of Yamagata Station bus terminal.
・We can observe Yamagata-shi industrial history museum without reservation.
・Bus to Nagai does not have time very much. Please be careful at the bus time.
  • JR Yamagata Station

    It is pivotal bus and train station of various quarters. We can feel prefectural seat with overflow bustle in many people in time for commuting attending school. As fast food and cafe are open early in the morning, we are reliable.
    ※Please get on bus to Nagai.

    It is 20 minutes by bus

  • Bus stop in front of the medical technology technical school

    It is 15 minutes on foot

  • Long sentence temple

    We are consistent by casting of "escalope attractiveness" characterizing Yamagata casting.
    ※[visit] This needs reservation.

    It is two minutes on foot

  • Yamagata-shi industrial history museum

    At Yamagata-shi industrial history museum, we display main tradition craft of Yamagata-shi including Yamagata casting which is country-designated traditional craft and valuable industry historical materials.
    ※We can observe casually.

    It is ten minutes on foot

  • Bus stop in front of the medical technology technical school

    Please get on bus to Yamagata-shi government office.

    It is 15 minutes by bus

  • Bihata-cho bus stop

    It is transfer. Bus stop is contralateral "Bihata-cho bus stop". Please get on bus for Tokai University Yamagata school.

    It is five minutes by bus

  • 3, Minamisakaecho bus stop

    It is five minutes on foot

  • Saito wooden box Seisakusho

    We are very popular as one point of tasteful thing. We are very superior in moisture-proof effect.
    ※[visit] Reservation is necessary for this and [making experience].

    It is five minutes on foot

  • 3, Minamisakaecho bus stop

    Please get on to go to side (northeastern central hospital) of marsh.

    It is 25 minutes by bus

  • Sotsukimachi bus stop

    It is five minutes on foot

  • Yamaya ware and **kama

    We can enjoy new technique and traditional work.
    ※[visit] This needs reservation.

    It is five minutes on foot

  • JR Yamagata Station

    Station lunch in Yamagata Nara and souvenir are sold in waiting for place that is Yamagata Station. We can purchase popular station lunch "beef right in the middle" lunch here.


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