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Trip to Yamagata

It is list of branches in spring for waiting city 23 days

It is list of branches in spring for waiting city 23 days: Image

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   Harumachi Market

Saturday, February 23, 2019 24th Sunday from 10:00 to 16:00

   Venue: Kawanishi-machi friendly plaza (no charge for admission)

  (1037-1, Kamikomatsu, Kawanishi-machi, Higashiokitama-gun, Yamagata)


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It is held for two days in 2019 [in spring awaiting city]

"What kind of shop opens a store? ? ? ?"

At first we show around shop of branch with list on 23rd by saying this.


As the other article introduces Details of shop, in fun!

February 23 Restaurant, food sale store's name

Food coffee

miging café

Food drink


 Curry Curry shop GARBANZO

Food, sum sweets

Akiba Farmers group

Stewed beef sinew

Meat roll end

Stewed Yonezawa beef plainly

Juice jam

Okitama agricultural high school

Raw rice cake, bean-jam cake

(the native U.S. use of Kawanishi-machi)

Processing center that Otsuka pays

Small yokan, Japanese sweet


Food ice cream

komatsu shop

Chocolate banana

Daifuku, sakuramochi, Japanese sweet


Rice flour bread

Chiffon cake

Accessory miscellaneous goods

True immediate oku








It is guide of miscellaneous goods shop successively!

February 23 Miscellaneous goods store's name

Resin accessories

Woolen yarn accessories

Hemp accessory

Pinky♡Stones & chéri-e

Children's clothes, cloth accessory



 Cloth accessory, patchwork accessory
Doggy Y'm

Cloth accessory, accessories

Life miscellaneous goods

Hand made "chiizu"

Cloth sandals, cloth accessory


Sell, and cloth seems to expand; store

Pastel art work

Pastel art cloth accessory

Easy drawing ayame temple

Cloth accessory, lease

Fleshy plant group planting


satousanchi & tamuno Thu

Bean accessories


Living college of Yamagata village 

Bean department

Herb goods


Herb rikatsuyoiinkai

Herb & aroma goods

Cloth accessory

Resin accessories


Aroma & herb fu, wa, wa








In miscellaneous goods shop, there is shop which we can experience in workshop.

It is content to be able to enjoy from child to senior.

You have you drop in, and please play!

Contents are this.

February 23 Workshop store's name

The making of hair rubber



satousanchi & tamuno Thu

Bean spoon arrangement

Living college of Yamagata village 

Bean department

Hand care

Herb rikatsuyoiinkai

The making of aroma cream with shea butter

The making of MP soap soap

Aroma & herb fu, wa, wa




List of branches on February 24 is this!

Come by all means, everyone!


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