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Trip to Yamagata

“Yamagata Biyori.” About 1day trip contest result announcement

For "Niigata, Shonai area destination campaign developed in 2019," started for the purpose of creating trip Courses which included local sightseeing material for free idea; "Yamagata Biyori. (Always a perfect day to visit Yamagata.) For 1day trip contest, thank you very much for a large number of application.

As a result of having examined about work which had you apply, it is as follows.

1 application total number

  Student section 49 work/public section 11 work

2 result announcement

(1) Student section

[the highest award] (1 work)

"MOGAMI 120% impression tour north Courses" Chihiro Shimoyama (Shinjyo north High School)
 Plan summary
  "Attractive one-day trip that was clogged up to experience culture in northern Mogami area which local people recommend"

JR Shinjo Station (Shinjo-shi) → Paprika crop experience (Tozawa-mura) → Small Sugino-osugi Cedars (Sakegawa-mura) → We shade off in Sakegawa Kabuki and we dress and experience (Sakegawa-mura) → Harvest of Mamurogawa apples (Mamurogawa-machi) → We take truck train (Mamurogawa-machi) → Cityscape walk (Kaneyamamachi) → JR Shinjo Station (Shinjo-shi)


[award for excellence] (2 works) 

"MOGAMI 120% impression tour south Courses" Yui Ichida (mildness building High School)
 Plan summary
  "Attractive one-day trip that was clogged up to experience culture in southern Mogami area which local people recommend"

JR Shinjo Station (Shinjo-shi) → Tomato crop experience (Okura-mura) → Monkey Hayama guardian deity of children worship (Funagata-machi) → Funagata mushrooms crop (Funagata-machi) → In cottage, open space of the young sweetfish hot spring adjacency BBQ (Funagata-machi) → Harvest of asparagus (Mogami-machi) → We take a walk through footbath, history in Semi Hot Springs (Mogami-machi) → Torigoe Hachiman shrine prayer (Shinjo-shi) → JR Shinjo Station (Shinjo-shi)


"Okitama cat circulation" Kyota Abe (Hokkaido University)
 Plan summary
  "One-day trip that is recommended to woman mentioning meal, culture of Okitama area under the theme of cat"

JR Takahata Station (Takahata-machi) → We go and worship in shrine of shrine, cat of dog (Takahata-machi) → Metoki meter of cat (Yonezawa-shi) → We thoroughly enjoy Yonezawa beef in Meatpia, fanmaker beef restaurant (Yonezawa-shi) → We experience glass beads structure in Yamato shop (Yonezawa-shi) → In tea storage rice swamp shop sweets time (Yonezawa-shi) → Onogawa Onsen (Yonezawa-shi)



(2) General section

[the highest award] Not applicable

[award for excellence] (2 works)

"Spring Yamagata rotating with yukata" Megumi Sagae
 Plan summary
  "We see the sights of spring Yamagata with yukata look on 1st! One-day trip to be able to feel special"

JR Yamagata Station (Yamagata-shi) → We wear, and monogataride yukata rental dresses (Yamagata-shi) → In Kajo Park cherry blossom viewing (Yamagata-shi) → We pray for worship, good match in young Matsudera (Tendo-shi) → In local cuisine plum ka branch Shimizu lunch (Higashine-shi) → JR Yamagata Station (Yamagata-shi)


"Welcome to Yamagata! Beauty and meal Yoko Kudo of Yamagata
 Plan summary
  "One-day trip that could experience only in Yamagata, and could not taste, but was jam-packed"

JR Takase Station (Yamagata-shi) → Safflower field (Yamagata-shi) of Takase → In Risshaku-ji Temple adventure (Yamagata-shi) of search for slide trace → In Kirikiri soba (Tendo-shi) → Sweets (Tendo-shi) which are delicious in Koshikake-an → JR Tendo Station (Tendo-shi)


The Yamagata sightseeing campaign promotion meeting secretariat (Yamagata Prefecture dainty food, the excellent sake tourism promotion room)
TEL: 023-630-3362


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