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Trip to Yamagata

Of winter to go in Aterazawa (aterazawa) line stay; trip (2 days and 1 night)

From January to March when snow becomes deep at recommended time of this Courses.
State that night stillness that snow absorbs to go down silently, and to be piled up, snow piled up are streetlight and moonlight and shine shiningly. Please sense snow as daily life that you cannot gain in any photograph which you can feel to be simply because there is not bodily.

Oriental Carpet Mills company which deals with "manufacturing" that Yamagata is proud of.
Technique to totally weave carpet, it such as picture is must-see.
Video is this

Please confirm than [life convenience book] of Oe-machi HP at Yanagawa hot spring, the bus time to Terume-Hakuryou.
In "mountain village interchange building yamasaabe in Yanagawa hot spring this side," there is experience-based program including snowshoe trekking (※ reservation required)

The sky lantern display is possible by festival [village, snowy art festival of mandala] in winter of Yamanobe-machi (it is in a limited quantity and requires reservation)
  • Yamagata Station

    It is 15 minutes by train

  • Uzen-Yamabe Station

    It is five minutes on foot


    Yamanobe-machi Furusato Museum

    It is in powerful farmer, Seigoro Sato homesite which treats safflower, unrefined hemp in the Edo era, and prospered and is museum which utilized storehouse.
    We establish padded silk garment of bright lapis lazuli doll and Safflower Dyeing of painting and calligraphic work, dyed goods, textile, native district document and town designated cultural assets permanently and display. There is various plans exhibition and displays young bird from the Kanei era in [young bird rise] held in Feb, Mar in the times of Meiji.

    It is five minutes on foot


    Oriental Carpet Mills company

    We can observe factory of Oriental Carpet Mills company delivering carpet to Imperial Palace Aramiya and new Kabuki-Za, home and abroad including Vatican. "Hospitality from step" please see thought and technique of textile, beauty of Yamagata carpet.
    Visit time weekdays 10:30 ~, 13:30 ~
    ※Advance reservations are necessary※

    It is ten minutes on foot

  • Uzen-Yamabe Station

    When we have time until transit of train, "jambo sweet potato for a limited time overwhelmed to size "yamabe pudding" using local yamabe milk of [kakotokokikuoku]," delicious shop circulation close to the station is recommended to "takoyaki" of [sumidoya]!

    It is 25 minutes by train

  • Aterazawa Station

    We occasionally see even quiz show as kanji difficult to read, but reading is "aterazawa".
    In town that around station prospered as way station linking Yonezawa-shi to Sakata of Mogami River canal, the cityscape leaves ex-flavor as [the court-appointed Sadashige pivot cultural scenery].

    It is 35 minutes by bus


    Oku-Oe Yanagawa Hot Springs

    Unexplored hot spring in among the mountains. It is also called "Netsu-no-Yu" and is superior in thermal effect. "Yanagawa hot spring snow Festival" holds the snow in Feb in to about 2m and average year. Fireworks go up under the winter sky that Kamakura and garden lantern made of snow, atmosphere are clear.
    Please sense quietness and air which can taste the noise of town only in detached room, winter bodily.

  • It is 50 minutes by bus


    terume hakuryoken*onsenkan

    It is one-day spa facility. Emerald green is milky-white by Funauta Hot Springs and good Sun, and it features hot spring name that transparence and color of hot water of bathtub change.
    Local products form a line in "covering Roadside Station" that it is adjacent, and Mogami River flowing through the side is place where it was in location of continuation telenovel "oshin".

    It is seven minutes by bus

  • Aterazawa Station

    It is 40 minutes by train

  • Yamagata Station


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