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Trip to Yamagata

Yunohama Onsen (2 days and 1 night) that overlooks excellent sake (brewing) and the Sea of Japan

It is trip around sake to excellent sake Yamagata. [the Shonai area]
As of 2018, even public means of transportation can turn around.
※Because Saturday and Sunday have little service number, we wait and have large time.

We meet adult, and drinking is after. You follow rule, and please make a tour of pleasant sake breweries.
As visit includes reservation and exhibition for a limited time, please be careful.
※As it is different, please confirm every each sake brewery, and there is sake brewery where visit Sun is decided again.

You have meal well, and please make a tour of pleasant liquor.
※There are considerably few around station restaurants and checks beforehand or recommends that we carry light meal.

The Shonai Kotsu bus time
There is little number of buses of the Sakata area and becomes arrival at Sakata Station by bus of around 9:00 a.m. from Yunohama Onsen at around 18:00. ・The JR time
As it may be difficult to observe all by service variable decrease in bus including the weekend, please understand.
It is movement on foot from station and bus stop. Come in shoes, clothes comfortable to walk in.
The time of each public transport is changed every year in around April.
In addition, please confirm before trip that service of bus route may turn into by all means.
Because there are not so many convenience store and restaurants, you fail to have meal, and please be careful that there is not in front of each station.
It is Courses without sightseeing visit. As for the Mt. Haguro-san, in aquarium, Sakata-shi, visiting gardens is popular town in Sankyo Warehouse again Homma Museum of Art in Tsuruoka-shi in spring and autumn, too.
  • Tsuruoka Station

    It is pivotal main stations of traffic. New spot including "Tsuruoka food culture FOODEVER" is born at the station square, too and is spot with many users.
    yupoka bus stop → Haguro Yamacho line bus

    It is 30 minutes by bus


    Dew of bamboo

    Please try "liquor" which Dewa San-zan sacred sake Kura built up with Shonai convention Mt. Gassan holy water cultivation rice without the "dew of bamboo" of origin added flavor in the course of the brewing by all means. We hold visit twice a year.
    Tsuruoka Station bus stop → Tsuruoka line bus

    It is 30 minutes by bus

  • Tsuruoka Station

    We get meal and shopping break in front of Tsuruoka Station. Please spend time friendly. ※It is recommended to have lunch.
    Bus stop in front of large mountain cottage Bank → Yunohama Onsen line bus

    It is 20 minutes by bus


    Watarai Head Office

    Took in with tradition of 390 years and new technique; "is liquor." We can observe museum for 100 yen except period for New Year holidays.
    Yunohama bus stop → Yunohama Onsen line bus

    It is 30 minutes by bus


    Yunohama Onsen

    It sees the Sea of Japan from room, and it is recommended popular accommodation that expects sunset. It is full of families in the summer to the sea as it is immediate. There is accommodation which comprised outdoor bath of superb view.

  • Hamanaka bus stop → shudenkoryokokoko comes; bus

    It is ten minutes by bus


    Eau-de-vie Shonai

    We are particular about three pieces of thanks ooshi prefectures in Wed of blessing, and, as for the product rata "liquor" visit, reservation is necessary for Nov from Feb.
    ※When as visit is from 10:00, is the current bus time; of 30 minutes stake wait, and have time.
    Side bus stop of Shimosaka → koryokokoko comes; bus

    It is 15 minutes by bus



    It is sake brewery famous for "the first grandchild". Please try "liquor" cooked using natural lactic acid bacterium. We do visit from the end of January to Nov.
    ※When rather late lunch is served (ten minutes) to Route 112, there are convenience store and restaurant. ※The next bus is the last bus of the day.
    Sakata Station bus stop → koryokokoko comes; bus

    Bus & 30-minute walk

  • Sakata Station

    Station is traditional quiet atmosphere.


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