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☆Tendo Highlands skiing area information☆

☆Tendo Highlands skiing area information ☆: Image

We will tell about Tendo Highlands skiing area information!

~ Tendo Highlands slope information ~

As of Monday, January 27, 2020 8:00

The run situationSome runs are possible
The snow  : 40cm
Weather  : Fine weather
Temp : -3 degrees Celsius
Traffic conditionDry/some freeze


  Adult: Child, senior
Once ticket 200 yen 130 yen
11 coupons 2,030 yen 1,320 yen
Four hours ticket 2,540 yen 1,620 yen
1-day ticket 3,050 yen 2,030 yen
Season ticket 20,370 yen 15,270 yen

Morning half ticket (until from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.) 1,320 yen
Afternoon half ticket (to the end of the use of 2:00 p.m. ~ time) 1,320 yen

※Lift driving time → From Saturday, January 12 to Sunday, March 24 (9:00-16:30)
           ※In the case of the early end, it is had the slope situation
・For ski daily adult for rent (with shoes, ski pole) 2,040 yen (with shoes, ski pole) for 3,050 yen child
・For snowboarding rental 1st adult (with shoes) 2,040 yen (with shoes) for 3,040 yen child

☆Kids land ☆ ※We are going to start in the middle of January (there is change by the slope situation)

 ・Snow roller (service = Saturday and Sunday, celebration) five minutes 100 yen
 ・Tube slider (service = Saturday and Sunday, celebration) 30 minutes 100 yen
 ・Banana boat (service = Saturday and Sunday, celebration) service cooperation Fri 100 yen

School Tendo Highlands ski school (SAJ) information
Reception hours from Sunday, December 22 to Sunday, March 8
      It is 50 00-12 9:30 ~ 9:50.12


  Half day 1st
General lesson  3,000 yen 5,000 yen
Private lesson 7,000 yen 12,000 yen
Group lesson 9,000 yen 15,000 yen

Contact Tendo Highlands skiing area TEL 023-657-3628



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