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News of Shirataka-machi industry fair 2018

News of Shirataka-machi industry fair 2018: Image

Autumn noshiratakano taste flock!
Shirataka-machi industry fair is held this weekend on Saturday, November 3, 4 Sunday.

Fresh farm products are prepared in Shirataka gourmet who is delicious in ayumu venue and experience-based Events, many pleasant events, JA venue (only on 4th) in vegetables, fruit, season!

You watch, and the most moving passage eats, and please enjoy autumn Shirataka!

[crop Thanksgiving Day ~ of Shirataka-machi industry fair 2018 shiratakano rouge ~ autumn]
<Date and Time> Saturday, November 3, 4th Sunday 10:00-15:00
<Location> Shirataka-machi cultural exchange center ayumu
   In front of JA Shirataka Green Center (only on 4th)
Inquiry: Shirataka-machi industry fair 2018 executive committee (0238-87-0696 in Shirataka-machi business and industry sightseeing section)

※Shirataka junior high school wind music performance @ ayumu venue of 4th, stand burdock sale @ JA venue of Oka were called off by convenience. We apologize.

◆As for the flyer, this can give PDF to DL.
(the surface)
(the back side)


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