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Trip to Yamagata

Yamagata Hot Springs, absorption in soba! Of Oishida, Obanazawa, three kinds of Murayama compare by eating (2 days and 1 night)

●Ginzan Hot Springs is recommended to hot spring resort full of romance, night walk.
●Soba which performed Soba Making Experience in Gifts! At home taste and memory of Yamagata.
●Making soba that we can experience from one. Reservation is necessary by all means.
●We have ship descent of thrill perfect score for ship descent of Yamagata Prefecture, too. Please go on board.
●Surprised dumpling of instagenic! Spilling bean jam is spoon; eat, and eat.
 Please satisfy both stomach and heart with dumpling with full of bean jam.

We are not known very much, but can eat exquisite Inaka soba in Yamagata Prefecture.
Oishida, Obanazawa, Murayama are said to be Yamagata 3s soba in that and we buy Itasoba and have, and thing only by Yamagata Prefecture is to a large quantity of pickles or wild plants from season to cuttlefish nogesono tempura.

We can see rare shinshakuka* close in the whole country in jo*ji.
When there is the chief priest, we can see in temple.

We burn calorie in hot spring if we eat.
Effect of hot spring is different in Oishida, Obanazawa, Murayama each.
  • JR Oishida Station

    Oishida Station is stop of the Shinkansen, and it is used as access station to Ginzan Hot Springs by great many people. In addition, there is consultation in the future as there is tourist information center.

    It is 15-30 minutes by car

  • Oishida side way

    Oishida has much closing a bargain noodle shops around plains and the mountains of town. Enjoy soba only in Oishida here and is town of soba of Yamagata Prefecture popularity.

    It is 15-30 minutes by car

  • Mogami River 1,000 dumpling

    Tofu maker only by Yamagata makes popular dumpling. Bean jam to run down from dumpling is spoon; it is dumpling here eat, and to eat. Instagenic. Popular shop of line!

    5 min by car

  • jo*ji**zo

    Features are regulated well with size that size becomes 2m, and Lying Buddha image seems to smile. Please see. In addition, visit is possible close when there is chief priest.

    It is ten minutes by car

  • Attamari Land Fukahori

    Attamari Land Fukahori has large communal bath of 50-mat size and can enjoy Oishida Onsen relaxedly. There is "tortoiseshell cat bath to invite good luck" to to stall bath, sauna, jet bus. ※Because there is only one tortoiseshell cat bath, enter, and man and woman is substitute together with 1st.

    It is 25 minutes by car

  • Ginzan Hot Springs (accommodation)

    There is night of nostalgic Yamagata here. There is fantastic beauty to be excellent by non-daily life cityscape of good old hot-spring resort, good old Japanese house, beauty of the authentic plaster in the night silver mine in mountain hot-spring resort. Please enjoy walk slowly in the morning. (there is walk Courses of 4 kilos approximately 80 minutes.)

  • It is 15 minutes by car

  • Soba Making Experience

    There are two places of places where there is making soba experience in Obanazawa-shi. In addition, do you not cook soba of Yamagata by yourself by all means as you can experience even from one person? We would like reservation by one week. As take-out is possible, please offer one you like at the time of reservation.

    It is 25-35 minutes by car

  • 3 most dangerous spots in Mogami River (river rafting) side way

    Murayama-shi has 14 noodle shops and can enjoy soba only by Yamagata Prefecture such as Ita soba or worth rice cake.

    It is 10-20 minutes by car

  • Boat tour of the 3 perilous spots of the Mogami River

    Part which flowed through mother river of Yamagata Prefecture, the Mogami River Murayama city was known as serious difficult place. Three places of difficult places are "go point" "three ka shallows" which there is "falcons". We can enjoy visiting three places.

    5 min by car

  • Goten health facility

    Nation rest hot spring which stands along the Mogami River. It is flowing constantly from the source, and there is spa pool to be able to enjoy throughout the year. We can order Yamagata cow and Teuchi soba at this restaurant, too. Bedrock bath that is popular among sauna and women ※There is reservation required, too.

    It is ten minutes by car

  • Murayama's roadside Station

    It is popular Roadside Station which Route 13 is along. Finally it is recommended to buy Gifts of Yamagata Prefecture. Original product "kaimozu stick" of Roadside Station Murayama can enjoy soba by snack sense.

    5 min by car

  • JR Yamagata Station


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