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Trip to Yamagata

Nishikawa-machi (get and back in a day) that wants to be visited by all means at time of colored leaves

Nishikawa-machi that is located in the foot of Mt. Gassan. It is heavy snowfall area eminent in Japan.
Town among Nature is endowed with clean Wed flowing out of clear air and Mt. Gassan, and it is healed heart by old days and scenery not to change. It is Courses thoroughly enjoying scenery of Route 112 known as picturesque scenery road representing Yamagata thoroughly.

Oct is season of Shinsoba.
Have wild plants from Nishikawa-machi and local gourmet, Sansai soba which you fully used mushroom for by all means.
  • JR Yamagata Station

    It is 50 minutes by car

  • Gassan-ko Lake size fountain

    One of the water sources quenching the Murayama district in dam lake of Sagae Dam. The best large fountain which beats, and is proud of the amount sold in Japan goes up to height more than 100m hourly for ten minutes. Original software cream of "mountain grape" of light meal, stand "zunda" is popular.

    It is 14 minutes by car

  • Denshokan Museum of Oisawa nature Museum / nature and artisan

    Studio of various manufacturing utilized local material. It is facility which can enjoy various experiences other than visit in 1-2 hours.
    [Closed] Every Monday
    Experience-based classroom contents: Mt. Gassan agate work, Mt. Gassan Japanese paper creation of dried laver, light of Japanese paper. (Reservation required)

    / roundtrip 90 minutes on foot

  • The best trunk rotation in Japan! Large chestnut of Oisawa

    Age of a tree, estimated 800 years. Growing power of a tree is excellent and soaks many fruits now. Parking lot, please use Oisawa nature Museum. We walk walk way / forest road from there. Please carry sneakers and bear bell comfortable to walk in.

    5 min by car

  • Superb view spot, Ueshima View from the Bridge

    [Yamagata scenery story recommended view point 53] Oisawa that was prefecture eminent heavy snowfall area was full as post town of prayer way toward Dewa San-zan from Okitama district. We can see clear stream Sogo Egawa and figure of magnificent Mt. Gassan flowing in rich nature which does not change in those days from Ueshima Bridge. 

    It is 25 minutes by car

  • Mt. Gassan wild plant soba noodles

    "Sansai soba" with full of fresh mushroom and wild plants from hometown is noted product of town. There are a lot of people coming to eat from distant place. Please enjoy unique how to eat to have burning hot wild plants juice which entered iron pan which we put on cassette cooker touch side.

    It is nine minutes by car

  • Iwanezawa Sanzan Shrine

    Country designation important cultural property. We are proud of special scale of front president 66.9m that is wider than Hall of the Great Buddha 57m of Nara.

    It is six minutes by car

  • Make Roadside Station; river

    Roadside Station having spa facility. Prefecture only craft beer brewing factory is added, too. We can taste delicious craft beer [Mt. Gassan] at restaurant of large opening-like open kitchen.

    It is nine minutes by car

  • Gassan Shuzo museum

    We display tools which we used for sake brewing for the Showa era from 1896 of founding. We can know process of manufacture of traditional sake. We drink, and comparing is enacted sampling of liquor.

    It is 40 minutes by car

  • JR Yamagata Station


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