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Trip to Yamagata

Child and idle autumn play garden Courses (get and back in a day)

It is daily enjoyment trip in parent and child. We can enjoy so as to forget lunch.
As Yamagata has a lot of delicious shops, please enjoy in shop around the facility.
  • JR Tendo Station

    It is ten minutes by car

  • Shogimura Tendo Tower

    Facility which can have various experiences, and can purchase Gifts of Yamagata Prefecture including drawn shogi piece experience of Safflower Dyeing and shogi. When we have an experience you like in parent and child together here, what I did.

    It is ten minutes by car

  • Higashine asobia land

    Higashine-shi that is famous for Sankurambo. A lot of amusement places of here various children. One "asobia land" has a lot of various playground equipments and aims at Utopia of play of child.

    20 min by car

  • Sahato Benibana

    Facility where this facility in Kahoku-cho can enjoy planetarium and whole sky lap theater. Please enjoy visits to starlit sky. (for closed days, please be careful in time slots.)

    It is ten minutes by car

  • Hina-no-Yu

    At the end of the day trip, please heal fatigue in hot spring.

    20 min by car

  • JR Tendo Station


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