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Trip to Yamagata

Shinsoba is absorbed in Taisho romance in Ginzan Hot Springs and side way to drift (2 days and 1 night)

It is after the middle of October that Shinsoba is sold, and colored leaves of Ginzan Hot Springs reach in full bloom from late October through early November.
As Mogami River 1,000 dumpling is tense on the next day, we recommend that we have you have on the spot.
  • JR Murayama Station

    "JR Murayama Station" where the starting point of trip is Yamagata Shinkansen stop

    It is ten minutes by car

  • Boat tour of the 3 perilous spots of the Mogami River

    As for "go point, three shallows, falcon," flow is sudden, and three difficult places were difficult places that were afraid of in the times when Mogami River water transportation prospered by boatman, but can enjoy ship descent with thrill now.

    It is ten minutes by car

  • 3 most dangerous spots in Mogami River (river rafting) side way

    The outskirts are dotted with noodle shops with feelings each. It is one of the pleasure to look for noodle shop where is good to oneself. Please enjoy fragrance and eminent drinkability of Shinsoba.

    20 min by car

  • jo*ji**zo

    We were said to be product of Kyoto master craftsman of Buddhist image, and were cost pittance in 1694 (Genroku 7). We are carved carefully in detail while being size more than 2 meters and are rare in the whole country.

    5 min by car

  • Mogami River 1,000 dumpling

    A lot of Gifts such as special product of each place in Yamagata Prefecture and seasonal fruit, selected industrial art object is had. Please appreciate original ice cream by all means!

    It is 30 minutes by car

  • Ginzan Hot Springs (accommodation)

    Ginzan Hot Springs that Taisho romance drifts in accommodation for the first day. Gaslight, please enjoy town walk in dusk to burn.

  • 20 min by car

  • Basho Seifu History Museum

    Basho visited Seifu Suzuki of "Oku-no hosomichi" journey Obanazawa and we stayed long and healed fatigue of trip. We built this museum next to Seifu Suzuki's house trace who was merchant's family, and convey figure of terminal house in the town in now in the Edo era. Display collects things about the history and living of Obanazawa mainly on "Oku-no hosomichi" relations.

    It is 25 minutes by car

  • Oishida side way

    When you have lunch on the second day in Oishida side way? Shinsoba to taste with atmosphere that was different from three difficult place side ways again is also good.

    It is 30 minutes by car

  • JR Murayama Station


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