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Trip to Yamagata

Announcement of 100 long autumn lake pleasure boat service

Announcement of 100 long autumn lake pleasure boat service: Image

Pleasure boat is long

Lake Nagai Dam 100 autumn

Colored leaves are at their best now!

Pleasure boat until the end of this week!

We are of reservation receptionists!

We get on and are advantageous!

5%OFF service ticket

Person-limited using pleasure boat!

We present available service ticket in all and Nagai of Roadside Station river

Please use to snacks, attendant of ship trip including drink.

State of this year

Service Sun

From Saturday, October 5 to Monday, November 4

21 days during the period mentioned above

※The last day becomes service only for flight in the morning on Monday on 4th

━Please understand that there might be suspension without notice━

Reception desk place

All and Nagai of Roadside Station river

Flow of boarding procedure

We make a reservation at telephone, store → We issue reception desk, rearranging ticket by Roadside Station

→ We move by privately-owned car → We go on board after the rate payment at boarding place

It becomes boarding by reception desk order of telephone

Please drop in at Roadside Station by all means within 40 minutes before departure

I hand rearranging ticket and parking permit


Sight-seeing time

About 45 minutes

The pleasure boat start on a voyage time

It becomes movement by privately-owned car to platform.

Within 40 minutes before the sailing time including reception hours mentioned above

Come to Roadside Station.

━Please understand that there might be suspension without notice━


For each 32 one flight

Events flyer

We download PDF in image click

Map to boarding place

We download PDF in click

Flow until boarding

We download PDF in click

You make a reservation, and refer

Yamagata Arcadia tourist bureau


Access to Roadside Station is this

Sponsorship/Nagai-shi    Sightseeing in service/Minato, Sakata plan �


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